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Some transport organizations decide against participating in the week-long strike

Many transport organizations in Metro Manila and other regions of the nation have chosen not to participate in the upcoming week-long statewide strike, which begins on Monday.

According to a press statement from the Presidential Communications Office (PCO), at least 11 significant UV (utility vehicle) and jeepney organizations in Metro Manila are vehemently opposed to the proposed transport group strike being spearheaded by Manibela, an alliance of UV drivers and a party-list group.

The National Federation of Transport Cooperatives (NFTC), Liga ng Transportasyon at Operators sa Pilipinas (LTOP), Alliance of Concerned Transport Organization (ACTO), Pasang Masda (PM) Jeepney, Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association of the Philippines (FEJODAP), Stop and Go Coalition, and Senate Employees Transport Service Cooperative are among the organizations that are not participating in the strike.

Wes Gatchalian, the mayor of Valenzuela City, had earlier claimed that seven transport organizations had cut ties with the strike’s organizers and vowed to continue operating their services.

The Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association (JODA), the Metro Valenzuela Transport Cooperative (MVTC), the Valenzuela Bignay Meycauayan Transport Cooperative, the Blumentritt Transport Service Cooperative (BTSC), the Novaliches Malinta Jeepney Transport Cooperative (NMJTC), the Malabon Jeepney Transport Cooperative (MAJETSCO), and the KARTUJODA Transport Cooperative are among them.

According to the Northern Mindanao Federation of Transport Service Cooperative (NOMFEDTRASCO), which is made up of about 50 transport cooperatives from the region’s five provinces, about 50 transport groups in Northern Mindanao are also not participating in the strike by transport groups.

Officials from NOMFEDTRASCO claimed that providing food for the table was far more important than participating in the strike.

One of the biggest unified jeepney organizations in Zamboanga City, the Federation of Land Transportation of Zamboanga (Feltranz), likewise declined to participate in transport strikes, citing the necessity to earn enough money each week to fund their expenditures.

The request for a seven-day nationwide strike was also rejected by the Iloilo City Alliance of Operators and Drivers Transport Cooperative (ICAODTC), which emphasized that the groups and operators had more than enough time to combine their operations and form a cooperative.

There won’t be any fee increases for strike-affected customers, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has repeatedly informed the riding public.

In areas where there is a shortage of public transportation, it has also placed rescue buses along UV Express and public utility jeepney routes.

The LTFRB made sure that the prices for regular rescue buses were equal to those for conventional jeeps.

The cost of air-conditioned rescue buses will be comparable to that of contemporary jeepneys.

Moreover, free trips on prepositioned bus units will be available.

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