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More restitution for erroneous convictions is Solon’s goal.

According to a party-list lawmaker, the law that established the Board of Claims under the control of the Department of Justice (DOJ) should be strengthened to ensure that those who have been the victims of violent crimes or unfair imprisonment quickly receive compensation for their suffering as a result of being deprived of their lives and freedom.

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Rep. Michael Romero of the 1-PACMAN party list said in a statement that the application of the constitutional prohibition against the deprivation of life, liberty, and property without due process of law is one of the “most worrisome” issues in the realm of justice and human rights.

He claimed that people had been charged with crimes they did not commit, put in jail, and then later found not guilty.

“Government and society have notably turned a blind eye to crime victims and offenders. It can take too long to file a claim for compensation through the legal system. By establishing the Board of Claims, Congress chose to institute an administrative process for submitting claims, the speaker said.

He asserted that Republic Act (RA) 7309, which led to the establishment of the Board of Claims, needs to be amended to include those who were wrongfully detained and released without charge, as defined by the Revised Penal Code, and those who were wrongfully accused and imprisoned but later released under a court judgment of acquittal based on their innocence rather than a finding of reasonable doubt.

Romero also suggested that victims of violent crimes, such as rape, homicide, murder, serious physical injuries, human trafficking, kidnapping, or serious illegal detention, could apply for compensation. These crimes also had to have been committed with malice and had to have resulted in death, serious physical and/or psychological injuries, permanent incapacity or disability, insanity, abortion, serious trauma, torture, cruelty, or barbarity.

He pointed out that his House Bill 7307 will increase the monthly compensation for victims of unfair imprisonment from PHP1,000 to PHP5,000. The compensation shall not exceed PHP300,000.

In all other circumstances, the proposal specifies that the PHP50,000 increase from the current PHP10,000 limit on the highest amount for which the board may approve a claim.

This House measure aims to give potential applicants equitable benefits that are enshrined in current and new laws, rules, and regulations. To ease the lives of the victims of violent crimes and those who have been wrongfully accused and imprisoned.

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