June 16, 2021

LGUs in Bulacan support the rebuilding of two bridges

Local authorities have approved the NLEX Corporation’s continuing simultaneous repair of two ancient bridges in this province.

After the project’s completion in the third quarter of this year, Meycauayan City Mayor Linabelle Villarica stated on Wednesday that everyone can anticipate a better travel experience.

“We ask for the public’s patience and understanding as the lane closures are essential to guarantee everyone’s safety while the Meycauayan Bridge is undergoing rehabilitation,” she added in a statement.

NLEX Corporation began bridge repair in April, including the replacement of girders and slabs to reinforce the structures and extend their life.

The 45-meter Meycauayan bridge in Balagtas and the 64-meter Bigaa bridge in Balagtas will be rehabilitated in September and August 2021, respectively.

“These two bridges have been essential in enabling safe and unhindered passage of vehicles and the movement of commodities in and out of the expressway,” stated Bocaue Mayor Jose Santiago Jr. We are hopeful that after the rehabilitation is finished, we will be able to have a more pleasant vacation experience.”

Three lanes have remained open to vehicles while bridge repairs are being completed.

As required, counterflow is also incorporated. On-site traffic marshals and police personnel are on hand to assist motorists and regulate traffic flow.

“We offer our support to their significant infrastructure projects that will enhance the serviceability of our expressway, enhance connectivity, promote investment, and open up employment possibilities in the province of Bulacan,” said Governor Daniel Fernando.

J. Luigi L. Bautista, president and general manager of NLEX Corporation, informed the public that measures are being made to guarantee the safety of motorists and minimize traffic congestion.

He’s also ecstatic about the project’s local stakeholders’ support in the project’s target regions.

“We are delighted and thankful that our host LGUs have responded positively to the bridge restoration project. “Be confident that NLEX Corporation will continue to improve its roads in order to maintain high standards and, most importantly, to offer public safety and convenience,” he added.

The tollway operator asked for the public’s patience and understanding, but also promised that measures will be taken to reduce traffic congestion and offer travelers with safer and smoother highway travel.

Motorists should also prepare ahead of time for their journeys, allowing for a little longer journey time.

The Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), the toll road arm of the Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, owns NLEX Corporation (MPIC).

REHABILITATION. The NLEX Corporation is rehabilitating the Meycauayan bridge in Bulacan in order to offer motorists with a safer and more pleasant trip. The Bigaa bridge in Balagtas town is also being renovated.

PHOTO: Courtesy of NLEX Corporation.

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