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Marcos to PhilHealth: Guarantee increased coverage for dialysis

On Wednesday, the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) gave President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. a briefing on its short-term objectives, including the expansion of the outpatient hemodialysis package notwithstanding the postponement of a rise in its premium rate.

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According to a press statement from the Presidential Communications Office (PCO), Marcos was briefed on short-term objectives for PhilHealth, including an increase in the number of hemodialysis sessions covered annually from 90 to 156.

Marcos only reminded PhilHealth to make sure that all patients receiving hemodialysis could take advantage of these perk packages.

The PCO reported that President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. had ordered the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. to increase member coverage on Wednesday.

For outpatients, dialysis support will be expanded to three times per week, or full weekly coverage yearly, according to PhilHealth.

Long- and mid-term plans

With with the introduction of new benefits packages, PhilHealth also laid out for Marcos its intention to roll out a mobile app, SMS confirmations, and other related technologies.

The outpatient mental health benefits package, the outpatient package for severe acute malnutrition in children under the age of five, and the Konsulta package are all part of PhilHealth’s new offerings.

Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), quick antigen testing, and isolation packages are further items that PhilHealth plans to rationalize.

For its mid-term plan, which will be unveiled in 2024, PhilHealth will implement a general amnesty for businesses, employers, and individuals who have missed premium payments. This will cover small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford to pay the 3 percent interest on missed premium payments.

Additionally, it intends to revise the Universal Healthcare Law (UHC), impose penalties on negligent physicians and hospitals rather than suspend their accreditation, and raise the case rates for the top 10 packages with the most claims filed.

To provide adequate staffing, particularly for claims processing and frontline services, a reorganization of PhilHealth will be implemented together with the introduction of an anti-fraud system.

PhilHealth will pursue digitalization and the development of PhilHealth-owned structures and facilities as part of its long-term ambitions.

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