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Cooperation on climate change between the CCC and the French Embassy will increase

The Climate Change Commission (CCC) has pledged to intensify collaboration and development cooperation on climate action, as has the French Embassy in the Philippines and Micronesia.

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Robert E.A. Borje, vice chair and executive director of the CCC met with H.E. Michele Boccoz, ambassador of France to the Philippines, and the two discussed goals and plans for implementing local climate action.

In a news release on Thursday, Borje said, “We express our gratitude to the French government and the French Development Agency (AFD) for supporting the Philippines in implementing policy initiatives and sustainable solutions to address significant climate and environmental challenges in the country.

The creation and upgrading of risk-informed Local Climate Change Action Plans (LCCAPs) by local government entities are one of the goals of the CCC and the French Embassy.

LGUs will get tools that are helpful in the creation and updating of LCCAPs as well as capacity development and enhancement activities through AFD’s continued technical support.

In order to boost local capacity for LCCAP development and increase climate resilience, “AFD will continuously give required help to the CCC in policy creation and updating,” according to Boccoz.

Of the 1,715 LGUs, 1,399, or 81.57 percent, have submitted their LCCAPs to the CCC as of March 2. On the basis of directives established by CCC and DILG, the LCCAP Quality Assurance System is currently being built.

Both officials looked into other potential areas of collaboration after the World Bank Group’s Philippines Country Climate and Development Report (CCDR) was released. These priorities are listed in Chapter 15 of the Philippine Development Plan 2023–2028. Examples include updating the National Framework Strategy on Climate Change (NFSCC) and the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) (NDC).

Local climate action plans are built on the foundations and policies of the NFSCC and the NDC.

The CCC established a contact group called “ENACT: Empowering Nurtured Alliance for Climate Action and Transformation” in accordance with President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.’s statements about enhancing collaboration with allies and development partners.

ENACT will provide as a forum for discussion, collaboration, and group implementation of investment-led transformative climate action among CCC, embassies, and development partners.

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