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Dry runs in the exclusive motorbike lane were extended by one more week.

For the duration of the road patching projects and to give drivers more time to become accustomed to the new regulations, the exclusive motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Avenue will remain open for an additional week.

Don Artes, the acting chair of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), said in a news release on Friday that the Department of Public Works and Highways would continue its patching work along the area that had begun last week in response to the MMDA’s request based on complaints from drivers on social media about the highway’s uneven sections and potholes.

From Elliptical Road to Doa Carmen and back again, Commonwealth Avenue is home to the exclusive motorcycle lane.

In order to prevent confusion prior to full adoption, Artes stated that with another week of a trial run, they hoped to enlighten more drivers.

From March 9 to March 16, there were 9,757 motorcycle riders and four-wheel private vehicle drivers who were flagged down; 2,173 motorbikes and 7,584 private automobiles.

In addition to patching up the roads, the MMDA wants to light up the area with solar street lamps and reflectors to prevent accidents.

Reduce motorcycle-related traffic crashes by using the designated motorcycle lane, which is in the third lane from the sidewalk and ensures smooth traffic flow along Commonwealth Avenue.

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