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Live Good Social Review

Review from LiveGood Affiliate.

A health and wellness company called Live Good. They have, in my opinion, the most exciting new business prospect for 2023. Their weight loss, wellness, and other wellness-related items are reasonably priced. They sell healthy coffee product that contains organic coffee, green tea, maca, and mushrooms. You are not required to buy any products, but if you do, they are 80% less expensive if you are a member.

Why I Participated

Although I joined in late January, I wish I had known about this possibility earlier and had the funds and forethought to do so. I kept receiving advertisements and emails about it, and search for a team and I have worked together on a few minor projects that I’ve had some success with. I made the decision to join since it was so inexpensive, and I paid for a whole year in advance. To join and become an affiliate, it only costs $49.95 for the first month and $9.95 thereafter. The absence of auto-ships and sales goals makes the company incredibly alluring.

Three of the supplements—the men’s vitamins, the vitamin D and K combo, and their Factor 4—have all great products. They have good instant coffee, too. These were all excellent. My budget can comfortably afford the price, so I’ll keep buying their stuff.

Some aspects of Livegood.com that I like

They have an excellent recruiting method, and when combined with the knowledge I already have and the information I am gaining from my upline, I feel like I can grow this business to a six-figure monthly income in less than a year. The LiveGood tour system follows up with participants and does a fantastic job of outlining the company.

Naturally, their compensation plan and all the methods you may earn are fantastic, but I won’t discuss them in this review because I’d rather you take a look around the company.

What bothered me

I was a little disappointed during my first month because I had anticipated greater spillover, but network marketing matrix designs should never rely on spillover. Just the fact that I got some spillover was already wonderful because it’s not often that happens in this line of work. The suspense of the hunt is also diminished by the fact that I have to wait until Thursday for the matrix to update.


So far, I’m happy with this program. Since the 1990s, I have participated in network marketing and affiliate schemes, but I have never previously experienced such rapid spillover. Even though I don’t advise it, overflow can be useful in growing a network marketing firm. I shall use the nutritional items on a daily basis because of their fantastic scope.

Live Good is a fantastic business with top-notch goods. I find it pretty appealing to be a part of this company because, unlike many others, Live Good does not demand expensive product purchases. For a while now, I’ve been trying to expand my network and make it fairly big.

Take the free tour of LiveGood now if you want to be a part of a business that sells products that promote health. LiveGood also has a fantastic marketing strategy and compensation structure.

FREE TOUR today at LiveGood

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