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TUCP positive Meeting between PBBM and Biden would result in decent jobs

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) voiced confidence in President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s appeal to the US on Friday, saying it will result in job creation and address the quality of jobs and underemployment.

Workers are hopeful that the meeting between Marcos and US President Joe Biden on May 1 will increase focus on the Philippines as a preferred country in which to invest, opening export market access to the US and Europe, according to TUCP president and House Deputy Speaker Raymond Democrito Mendoza in a statement.

“The success of President Marcos in attracting foreign direct investments should result in good jobs. We have faith that, under his leadership, employees who have tenure security will replace those employed in precarious temporary work. We will have respectable work with living wages instead of low-paying freelance jobs, added Mendoza.

Mendoza stated that Congress and the TUCP are ready to work with Marcos to realize his goal of establishing new, long-term jobs in the nation.

“We recognize that the President is the best salesperson to convince the rest of the world that the Philippines is once again open for business. According to the TUCP, the President is leading from the front in promoting the Philippines as an attractive location for foreign direct investments, which should result in the creation of viable enterprises and well-paying jobs in the nation.

Corral expressed excitement for the two leaders’ discussion on the US Generalized System of Preferences for the Philippines’ reauthorization, which will be a resounding endorsement of the Biden administration’s worker-centered trade policy.

According to Corral, the renewal will allow 3,500 product lines from the Philippines to enter the American market duty-free and create new employment possibilities.

The planned meeting between Marcos and Biden, according to Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, will ultimately yield enormous benefits for the Philippines in the form of greater employment and investment prospects for Filipinos.

According to a press release from Romualdez, “The meeting between President Marcos and US President Biden will further strengthen the robust long-term bilateral relations between the Philippines and the United States, and I am confident it would reap enormous benefits for our country in terms of security and increased economic cooperation, among others.”

The Speaker, who is currently in the US, has been meeting with American politicians to explore ways to deepen further defense and security cooperation and the economic partnership between the Philippines and the United States to help set the framework for Marcos’ visit.

ardent hopes

The trade and defense-related outcomes of the Marcos-Biden meeting are also crucial to Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri.

“Godspeed to our President on his official visit to the US this week. Zubiri said in a news release on Friday that in light of the high level of tension in the area, “our country must look towards our friends who share the values of freedom and democracy as well as respect for every nation’s sovereignty.”

The procurement of air defense systems, anti-ship missiles, drone capabilities, fighter jets, and larger patrol ships are all part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program, which the president is expected to discuss.

Zubiri added that American businesses, particularly those emigrating from China and other nations with unsteady democracies, should invest in the Philippines to improve the country’s economic connections.

The President’s promotion of establishing new alliances and bolstering existing ones with the international community of nations has my full support, Zubiri said. “It is now time for the Philippines to shine on the international stage,” he added.

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