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Comelec plans to employ two automated technologies for the 2025 elections.

For the 2025 midterm elections, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) intends to use two automated election systems (AES).

Comelec chairperson George Garcia revealed that they intend to engage with the maker of the devices in order to adapt the systems to be used in the polls at a press conference on Thursday at the election body’s main office in Intramuros, Manila.

We want to deal with the manufacturer, so we put on the Terms of Reference (TOR). We’re not only looking to be an integrator. We wish to create and tweak the system specifically for Comelec. We have the choice to purchase both the hardware and the software if we choose to have our own, he said.

According to Garcia, the Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) and Optical Mark Reader (OMR) are the AES that they plan to utilize.

It’s an amalgam of OMR and DRE. The OMR has been used, and the DRE is a touchscreen. We desire that producers have such a combination, according to Garcia. “What we want, OMR/DRE, is also in line with the Comelec Advisory Council’s recommendation.”

The Comelec chief stated that they intend to employ the OMR for domestic voting and the DRE for overseas voting.

When asked if both AES will operate simultaneously, Garcia responded, “No, only one AES will operate. The other function will not function. The OMR will dissolve if the DRE is utilized, and vice versa.

Garcia stated that a separate TOR would be developed for the transmission package.

Because Comelec wants to ensure that it has complete control and that the telcos (telecommunications companies) that will win the procurement will report directly to us, there will be a separate TOR for transmission. The winning bidder will receive all other collateral, including software and hardware, he said.

Garcia also mentioned that they could change the TOR if some of the features weren’t offered by the market.

“The TOR passed with a unanimous vote from the Commission en banc. We can quickly change the TO if we learn that it is not offered on the market. But at this early stage, we want the manufacturers to be aware of our requirements. We can start the procurement process by July of this year, award the contract by January or February of the next year, and then start the end-to-end testing process. “Remember, this is a lease with a purchase option. We want to test out the system first, therefore we don’t want to buy just now. Last but not least, the device ought to be upgradeable so that it can be utilized in future elections.

The election commission already announced that it is no longer employing the 97,000 vote-counting machines that were employed in the previous three elections.

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