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PNP head wants institutionalization of a 3-minute response time policy

Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr., the head of the Philippine National Police (PNP), advised regional commanders on Friday to copy the Integrated Command Control Center (ICCC) of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD), which guarantees a three-minute (3MRT) response time (3MRT) of police officers to criminal events.

According to Acorda, as part of his techniques for deterring crime and resolving conflicts, he will see to it that this occurs under his direction.

“The command center of the QCPD [Quezon City Police District], with their three-minute reaction, is a good thing that I wish to be adopted by other cities and towns. In his remarks delivered during his command visit to the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) headquarters in Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City, Acorda stated, “I was impressed by the visit in QCPD.”

To achieve the 3MRT, where police officers are stationed at fixed locations or close-by areas for any reported criminal situations, the ICCC is a cutting-edge facility.

“I think our crime prevention will be strengthened if we can do that in the entire area of Metro Manila wherein the event of an incident, our police can immediately respond,” he continued.

The NCRPO will be led toward becoming a more effective and efficient police force by Acorda’s five-point agenda, which he previously articulated.

The agenda covers community participation, integrity enhancement, ICT growth, and proactive and ethical law enforcement operations.

He also reaffirmed to the NCRPO his commitment to stepping up aggressive policing and intelligence-driven operations to combat crime, drugs, insurgency, terrorism, and corruption.

Acorda also expressed his gratitude to the men and women of the NCRPO for their unshakable commitment and tireless efforts in guaranteeing the community’s safety and security throughout recent important events like the Labor Day celebration, the observance of Holy Week, and the ongoing summer break.

“I want to thank you for your service to our country and praise you on your unshakable dedication to your job.

Acorda further emphasized the significance of upholding the NCRPO’s positive reputation.

“I am familiar with what it was like to be stationed here at the NCRPO. You put up with being separated from your family and sleepless evenings. But with your commitment, you devote all your time and sacrifice to uphold the NCRPO’s reputation as the PNP’s shop window. I do think that the NCRPO’s performance will affect the entire nation, said Acorda.

The PNP commander urged the NCRPO staff to perform better, emphasizing that their successes or failures reflect the organization’s standing in the nation.

He emphasized the need for “aggressive and honest law enforcement operations” from all officers, particularly when tackling the illegal drug problem.

He asked NCRPO staff for assistance in “truly bringing out the true image of the respectable, honest police officer.”

In addition, he underlined the value of a coordinated and cooperative strategy for nation-building, mobilizing support for his call for “Serbisyong Nagkakaisa.”

He also emphasized the value of community involvement in fostering positive ties between the people and the police. He emphasized that the people the police serve must be treated with respect and care and that commanders must be properly supervised to ensure proper police operations.

The nation’s top cop also reaffirmed everyone’s responsibility to uphold fitness and merit and to serve impartially.

He affirmed his faith in the NCRPO staff’s ability to deliver excellent service while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Acorda stated that he would work with DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos to coordinate the evaluation results of the 953 third-level police officers who submitted courtesy resignations as part of an internal purge to eliminate those engaged in the illegal drug trade.

“We’ll draft a joint press release with DILG’s secretary Benjamin Abalos. We will compare notes and, based on the findings of the fact-finding process and the work of our SITG [Special Investigation Task Group], determine the overall impact of the reports, Acorda stated.

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