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Disney’s only licensed Filipino artist stages a one-man show in Manila.

Manila, Philippines – The Fine Art of Rodel Gonzalez, a Manila Art Show grand exhibition for the first and only Filipino artist officially licensed to paint Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars artworks, finally lands in the Philippines. The exhibition will be held at COLLAB Sheraton Manila Hotel at Newport World Resorts on June 3, 2023 at 5pm. Gonzalez’s grand exhibition follows a string of international sold-out shows in the US and Japan. Manila Art Show presents opportunities for the Filipino public, art collectors, and the media to appreciate these works of art up close or even bring home a piece from the collection.

Newport World Resorts and Sheraton Manila Hotel present the Manila Art Show of Rodel Gonzalez. The collection is curated and organized by Kartini Asia Gallery with the special participation of Uniquecorn Strategies.

“It is high time that an international Filipino artist of the caliber of Rodel Gonzalez becomes well known in this country”, quips Newport World Resorts President and CEO Kingson Sian. 

Gonzalez was first accredited by Disney 15 years ago in 2008, to reproduce the media giant’s iconic characters and scenarios through his paintings. Known for his dry-brush technique and having a keen eye for color, form, and composition, his detailed artworks have been sold across Disney Theme Parks, Cruise Lines, and art galleries in Japan, North America, and Europe.

“We are proud that the works of Rodel Gonzalez have found a home within Newport World Resorts,” Sian adds. As a premier lifestyle and entertainment destination, Newport World Resorts champions Filipino artists and the performing arts through various initiatives, including the long-running, all-Filipino hit musical “Ang Huling El Bimbo,” a brainchild of Sian’s.

The Manila Art Show will display and auction off over a hundred art pieces featuring popular Star Wars characters Yoda, the Stormtroopers, and Darth Vader; Marvel Cinematic Universe fan favorites: Iron Man and Spiderman; and Disney princesses Elsa, Cinderella, and many others. The paintings are done in varying sizes and mediums, such as Acrylic on Black Paper, Acrylic on Canvas, Acrylic on Gesso Board, Oil on Canvas, Oil on Gesso Board, Oil on Aluminum, and Giclee on Canvas.

For inquiries, please contact Ria Malvar at riamalvar@yahoo.com or 09266899014 or 8771717 and Kathryn Joy Jeruta kathryn.jeruta@newportworldresorts.com or 09178728586.


Rodel Gonzalez was born into a family of artists, which catalyzed his early exposure to many forms of art through the teachings of his father, Rick Gonzalez, and grandfather, Felix Gonzalez, then both painters. At nine, Gonzalez’s passion for arts flourished as he delved into learning its elements and principles. Gonzalez academically reinforced his knowledge of art as he majored in painting at the University of Sto Tomas and earned a degree in Interior Design from the Philippines School of Interior Design.

The artistry he’s been enriching at a young age found its favor in music. In 1985, Gonzalez co-founded the premiere OPM band, Side A, which amassed various hit songs and brought the band to its icon status today. For decades, Gonzalez wielded his creative skills in music as a songwriter and former lead vocalist of the band.

With enthusiasm to establish a more profound way to express art, in 2002 Gonzalez pursued Fine Arts, which later put him in an exclusive and international position as a licensed Disney and Lucas Films artist in 2008.

The Manila Art Show of Rodel Gonzalez is presented by Newport World Resorts at COLLAB 2F Sheraton Manila Hotel. The collection is curated and organized by Nina Malvar, President and CEO of Kartini Asia Gallery, with the special participation of Uniquecorn Strategies. Kartini Asia Gallery is located at the Palms Country Club in Alabang. 

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