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Gov’t Arsenal was honored for its contribution to enhancing PH military capabilities.

Carlito Galvez Jr., the head of the Department of National Defense (DND), has praised the Government Arsenal (GA) in Limay, Bataan, for its efforts to strengthen the nation’s defensive posture by having the capacity to produce small arms ammunition.

“I commend you for achieving your target manufactured ammunition quantities and your desired quality by decreasing the rejection rate from 2 percent to below 1 percent for various types of ammunition,” he said in a statement made late Monday.

Last May 18, Galvez visited the GA inside Camp General Antonio Luna in Limay, Bataan.

A briefing on the bureau’s mission, capabilities, and accomplishments, as well as their difficulties and concerns, was given during the visit by GA director Gerry Amante and other senior staff members.

The DND head also commended the GA for improving how quickly it responds to requests from other agencies to produce ammunition.

Galvez stated that the GA was the only organization in the Philippines with the special ability to make primers. “I commend you for achieving your target manufactured ammunition quantities and your desired quality by decreasing the rejection rate from two percent to below one percent for various types of ammunition,” he continued.

According to Galvez, “you have developed the capability to manufacture the M-4-type assault rifle, which the Philippine Army has tested, as well as the 9-millimeter MP9-carbine.”

The DND chief also praised the GA’s initiatives to expand its capacity to produce weapons and small arms ammunition through a joint venture or co-production agreements with local defense industries, in line with the goal of a self-sufficient Philippines as expressed in the Self-reliant Defense Posture (SRDP).

“Despite this, these achievements and noteworthy steps further our goal of achieving Philippine independence through the SRDP. Thanks to this route, he continued, the Government Arsenal would eventually be able to produce, market, and even export selected products.

Galvez also mentioned that the GA could increase its production capacity for small arms and ammunition thanks to the SRDP, and he gave the bureau his full backing in their efforts.

I want to assure you that I will support you wholeheartedly. “The SRDP is the key, and your capable hands are the means for us to achieve it,” he continued.

Galvez also encouraged all DND bureaus and important personnel to safeguard the group’s members.

“When I took over as defense chief, I gave the One Defense Team clear instructions: safeguard our personnel, company, and assets. To personally check on the welfare of our workers, inspect their workstations to ensure safety and increase productivity, and have conversations about how to improve their overall well-being is one of my priority objectives, he continued.

Galvez also underlined the necessity to renovate and outfit the facility’s clinic, including the services of permanent medical staff, in recognition of the need for high-quality healthcare for GA soldiers. He gave the human resources department instructions to make it easier to create the necessary posts for this.

“Since the GA is a special defense institution entrusted with generating ammunition, I think one of their top priorities is employee health care. We need to renovate your clinic and update its equipment to accomplish this. Medical staff should work full-time in your hospital, according to Galvez.

He also urged the GA to keep up the great work, upgrade the facilities, forward legislative modernization objectives, and increase output.

Maintain excellent work, maintain modernizing your facilities, work on your legislative modernization agenda, and boost your capacity to produce small guns and ammunition. Don’t be afraid of the difficulties, and keep dreaming big outside the walls of your manufacturing facilities. Let us contribute significantly to realizing our President’s vision of a better and stronger Philippines by fostering national cohesion, economic growth, and, most importantly.

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