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Increased efforts by the public and private sectors to lessen earthquake damage

The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) emphasized the importance of increased collaboration between the public and commercial sectors to reduce potential damage from a large earthquake.

OCD administrator Undersecretary Ariel Nepomuceno issued the request as he urged the public to take part in the June 8th National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED), the nation’s second-quarter drill.

“We want to underline the value of a nationwide strategy for disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) again. We support a coordinated effort between the public, the private sector, and the government in this earthquake preparedness activities,” he stated.

The NSED aims to “continuously strengthen” the nation’s earthquake readiness, according to Nepomuceno, who also serves as executive director of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve community preparedness for earthquake situations, he continued, “We are inviting everyone to join the drill and perform the Duck-Cover-Hold technique at the sounding of the siren.”

The Mandaluyong City administration will host the ceremonial pressing of the button and the large-scale drill, which will simulate an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2.

The event will take place in Mandaluyong City’s Greenfield District.

The exercise will put Mandaluyong City’s earthquake emergency plans to the test by showcasing the interoperability of the rescue teams’ command and control, response, and other systems.

The Mandaluyong City Medical Center, the City Health Department, the Barangay Responders and Volunteers, the Bureau of Fire Protection – Mandaluyong, the Philippine National Police – Mandaluyong, Greenfield District Management, the Philippine Red Cross – Mandaluyong Chapter, and High Threat Emergency Care are among the participating organizations.

The NDRRMC has already reminded all families, workplaces, government agencies, and educational institutions to rigorously adhere to basic public health requirements when conducting evacuation drills.

On the Facebook sites of Civil Defense Philippines and the NDRRMC, the second quarter NSED will be a live webcast.

The program begins at 8 a.m., and the ceremonial button pressing happens at precisely 9 a.m.

Swearing-in of new OCD executives

Carlito Galvez Jr., the Department of National Defense secretary, gave the newly appointed OCD third-level officials their oaths on Tuesday.

These recently chosen representatives, all of whom have the position of director, are Eugene Gardon Cabrera, Cesar Malanum Idio, Raylindo Salasayo Anion, Ramon Martinez Ochotorena, Claudio Lopena Yucot, and Jose Harry Mariano Barber.

Galvez expressed his confidence that they will have a significant impact on the effort being made by the country to reduce disaster risk and manage it.

“The rainy season is here, and I do not doubt they will get started immediately. I have complete faith in their exceptional management and leadership abilities,” he stated.

Nepomuceno, meantime, emphasized the OCD’s critical role in leading the country’s effort on catastrophe risk reduction and management.

We are required to maintain the highest levels of alertness, insight, and responsiveness as public servants. If we lack these skills, we cannot provide fundamental social services to the impacted and vulnerable sectors during crises, he added in his statement.

He reassured stakeholders that they were always enhancing their DRM offerings.

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