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Agribusiness is the most profitable sector in the face of the epidemic, according to business executives in Cebu

Agriculture-based companies outperformed all other firms in terms of their ability to consistently guide micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) toward success in the new normal, according to Cebu business leaders on Thursday.

Local businesses participated in a virtual coffee table conversation organized by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) in which they offered their views and insights on how entrepreneurs may deal with and navigate through the pandemic as well as current business trends.

Among the activities planned for Cebu Business Month (CBM) 2021 were a series of seminars and workshops.

According to Rey Calooy, founder and general manager of RNC Marketing Philippines, agriculture and the food industry are resilient, with the potential for high market value for all agricultural-based goods and by-products in the near future.

“Agriculture is the most sustainable and robust business model available. Manufacturing industries, food and health goods, as well as cosmetics and many other items, are largely dependent on agriculture in many nations across the globe where agriculture is strong and developed, according to him.

Benny Que, the president of Golden Prince & Suites, concurred with Calooy, noting his support for giving money to his workers who want to participate in backyard vegetable growing or any other agricultural endeavor as justification.

Que was overjoyed to see the success of one of his workers who, in the midst of the epidemic, turned to rice cultivation and home gardening.

It was agreed upon by Calooy and Que that Cebu, particularly in regions where cocoa, coffee, and bamboo are abundant, is an excellent location for agri-based businesses in the new normal.

The pair was interested in commercial-scale chocolate cultivation and production because they saw an increase in market demand.

“We aim to establish Carcar town as the cacao/chocolate center of Cebu, empower cacao farmers, and enhance the quality of the ‘tableya’ products,” said the group. “It is our dream,” Calooy expressed his excitement.

After pursuing her love for plants, Shiela Ruiz founded Plant Momma, a high-value, high-end decorative plant production company. Ruiz said that she did not anticipate her pastime would evolve into a business during the epidemic.

“I began developing Plant Momma with a PHP10,000 investment, and I transformed my love into a high-end decorative plant center where the rarest and most costly plants can be found. In this business, one must identify their target consumers as well as their specialized market. “Plant Momma is aimed squarely at the premium market,” she said.

Boy Tiukinhoy, president of Virginia Foods, on the other hand, claims to have overcome many challenges during his career.

“The epidemic taught entrepreneurs to work hard and to make the hardest choices,” he added, adding that it taught them to “employ great people and be a role model in your company.”

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