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A business association in Mandaue is urging businesses to step up their recovery efforts.

The Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) has urged local companies to speed up their recovery efforts while maintaining health safety.

On Wednesday, MCCI president Steven Yu said that the MCCI, in collaboration with the Cebu provincial government and the Department of Trade and Industry, would hold an exhibition showcasing the goods of the top Sugbo Negosyo, the capitol’s micro-business assistance program, recipients.

Contempo Property Holdings Inc. president and chief executive officer Beverly Dayanan and Purple Chalk Philippines managing director Mae Anne Yee are co-chairing this event.

The Mandaue Business Month 2021, which was formally started on Tuesday through Zoom and Facebook Live, is being celebrated by the business community in this industrial city.

The month-long celebration, themed “REV Up: REVive, REVisit, REVolutionize,” will focus on assisting businesses in adapting and preparing for the new business landscape through online and hybrid events, learning sessions, and community-engaging activities that will encourage Cebuanos to rediscover their identity.

MBM 2021 is co-chaired by entrepreneur Mark Anthony Ynoc, general manager of San Remigio Beach Club, and MCCI vice president for internal affairs, and KGK Management Inc. general manager Kelie Ko.

MCCI Kamustahan, MCCI’s new series, will highlight resilient and inspirational MCCI members who can discuss how they have developed their companies throughout the pandemic via adaptation, business strategies, and excellent corporate practices, according to Yu.

To rediscover and promote Cebu province, MCCI has created the #SugbuanonKo Tiktok challenge, which encourages Sugbuanons to artistically turn their experiences into universally accessible video through social media platforms Tiktok.

The competitors should include sites, cuisine, goods, culture, and customs that are uniquely Sugbuanon.

MCCI is hosting a business summit and other business seminars as part of the Mandaue speaks business series to help change ideas, tactics, and practices in the business sector.

The business summit, which is an MBM flagship program, will return as a virtual event in which top-tier speakers will share their knowledge on new ideas, new business paradigms, and technology advancements, as well as business and corporate excellence in the local and worldwide environment.

Under the Mandaue talks business, MCCI offers accessible, educational, and engaging webinars where professionals may give topic-based seminars, updates, advice, and workshops to members and other interested people.

The Cebu Wellness Revolution is a 30-day online wellness challenge organized by the organization to inspire Cebuanos to develop a healthy lifestyle habit.

The ceremonial handover of bicycle repair stations and another span of the Butuanon Eco-fence to the Mandaue City local authority is another event planned for MBM 2021.

Mandaue City LGU, MCCI, and Vivant Foundation collaborated on this project.

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