September 17, 2021

In Albay Gulf Cove, 10,000 ‘bangus’ fingerlings were released

On Friday, at least 10,000 “bangus” (milkfish) fingerlings were released in an Albay Gulf fish cage maintained by the City Agriculture Office (CAO) near a cove in Sitio Anonang, Barangay Homapon.

The fingerlings were obtained via a PHP1.2 million grant from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) to their office, according to Sheila Nas, CAO head.

The Homapon Fisher Folks Association (HFFA) will maintain the cage as part of its livelihood initiative, she added.

“The fingerlings would be protected from current predators in the cove by the 16×16-meter cage, which is enclosed with net, water drums, and GI pipes,” Nas added.

She also said that the CAO has held workshops for HFFA members on how to feed brackish-born fish to help them develop quicker.

Nas said that the cage would be secured and that the HFFA caregivers would carefully check the milkfish’s health until they were taken after three months.

“The initiative is part of the CAO’s Aqua-Culture Development Program (ACDP), which promotes cultured fish care in order to supplement fish supplies and provide extra revenue to fishermen in these communities,” she said.

Apart from milkfish, Nas claims the Homapon cove is excellent for cultivating oysters, mussels (tahong), seaweeds, and fish like “lapu-lapu” and “moblad.”

The HFFA president, Edna Adille, praised CAO and BFAR for allowing them to produce milkfish, adding that this initiative is very helpful since it may improve the life of the association’s members.

She said that the 32 members of the HFFA will devise a plan for monitoring and feeding the fish.

The harvest’s profits, according to Adille, will be utilized to purchase additional bangus fingerlings to keep the initiative going.

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