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OPAPRU disputes claims that a member of Gabriela was intimidated.

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The claimed intimidation of a member of the Gabriela Party-list was refuted by the Office of the Presidential Advisor on Peace, Reconciliation and Unity (OPAPRU).

Such a deed, in the opinion of Undersecretary Wilben Mayor, goes against the fundamental principles of the position.

“First and foremost, we categorically refute this charge. It has little to do with the duties of our office. the when the when the when the when the the the…………….. . ….. We reject that this occurred on behalf of our secretary, Secretary Isidro Purisima because this is not the moral fibre and core principles of our coworkers, the mayor remarked at the Saturday News Forum held at the Dapo Restaurant in Quezon City.

The claim was made on social media that Elizabeth Maynigo, the head of the Gabriela Party-list-Marikina, had been “called to board a vehicle and interviewed by persons who identified themselves as OPAPP (formerly known as OPAPRU).”

“To clear the air, the OPAPRU firmly rejects any involvement in the alleged intimidation of Ms. Maynigo. This is an unwarranted, reckless, and unsubstantiated accusation, the office claimed in a statement.

He continued by saying that they have not yet heard back from the party-list group on the subject.

In contrast, they went all out to damage the agency’s reputation, according to the statement. “OPAPRU did not receive any communication from Gabriela to raise and seek our answer to the concern,” it stated. “There is a procedure for validating and verifying complaints in the right way. To ferret out the facts, the agency swiftly performed internal checking after the claim leaked out in social media.”

The OPAPRU reminded organizations like Gabriela to adhere to established processes when filing grievances against its employees or any government official.

“This helps a great deal in avoiding problems from becoming gutter stuff, devoid of any kernel of reality. Spreading false information won’t help you win our people’s hearts and minds, the group claimed.

The Mayor added that in order to resolve the issue, there should be a conversation between the two parties.

To be able to fix the problem, “Our office is open to having a dialogue with Gabriela,” he stated.

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