October 9, 2021

Makar port at GenSan is getting a makeover

More significant improvements are planned for the Makar Port in the coming months as the country’s port operations continue to be modernized.

The development plans for further improving and expanding the current facilities at the port, which is a major component of the country’s internal and international shipping lines, are being completed, according to Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade.

Tugade personally oversaw the opening of the Philippine Ports Authority’s new PHP62.8 million Port Operations Building (POB) and other support facilities at the dock on Thursday afternoon (PPA).

In a news conference, he remarked, “There will be additional projects coming in that we will disclose in due time.”

The PPA claims that the POB complex is a “state-of-the-art facility” that will make moving boats, cargo, and other port-related activity easier than before.

The new POB building houses the Port Integrated Clearance Office, which is a one-stop shop for various shipping transactions such as the processing of permits and necessary documentation for marine and terminal services, berthing, public assistance and complaints, and assessment and collection services, according to Lawyer Cesar Dataya, head of PPA-Socsargen Port Management Office.

“Now, all transactions are handled at the same location. He said that the enhanced services would primarily assist cargo shippers and other port customers and stakeholders. “Requirements that formerly took seven days or more may now be completed in a matter of minutes and a few hours for complex issues,” he said.

Tugade encouraged PPA workers to take advantage of the new enhancements and continue to improve their performance.

He told them they needed to reduce the time it took to complete all of their transactions even further and create a “culture of no corruption.”

“Kill the fixers and corruption in all its forms.” Let us work for the benefit of the people and decent government,” he added.

The PPA is also pressing for passenger ferry services to be restored at the Makar port.

PPA general manager Jay Daniel R. Santiago said the organization is in talks with a number of shipping firms about expanding their operations in the city and throughout the nation.

The change, he claimed, was made on the Transportation Secretary’s orders.

“We’ve been discussing with shipping lines about establishing additional ferry routes,” he stated during a press conference on Thursday, September 24, 2021.

The restoration of passenger services by 2Go Travel in Davao City, according to Santiago, is one of their achievements thus far.

Domestic passenger ferry services at the Makar port were originally halted in 2008 owing to a lack of customers, according to Dataya.

2Go Travel resurrected the route in 2018, servicing Davao, Zamboanga, Iloilo, and Manila, but it only lasted eight months, according to him.

According to him, the shipping company was obliged to stop operations owing to increasing losses caused by a lack of passengers.

The port is “still on the table” for a proposed international maritime route inside the Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines-East Asean Growth Area, according to Dataya.

“(Concerned) authorities are still determining which routes to open,” he said.

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