November 3, 2021

In less than two years, the global Covid-19 mortality toll has surpassed 5 million.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of persons who have died from the coronavirus has surpassed 5 million in less than two years around the world.

The virus, which first appeared in China in December 2019 and has since spread to every corner of the globe, has infected more than 246.7 million people, according to data from the US-based institution.

The United States continues to have the largest number of infections and deaths, with about 46 million infections and over 745,800 deaths. India comes in second with 34.2 million infections, followed by Brazil with 21.8 million infections.

However, in terms of proven Covid-19-related deaths, Brazil comes in second with 607,824 deaths, while India comes in third with 458,437.

Meanwhile, with 288,365 deaths confirmed so far, Mexico remains one of the countries with the highest pandemic death toll.

Over the last month, Russia has continued to record high daily Covid-19 mortality, despite the fact that the country’s health authorities claim that over 50 million individuals have been completely vaccinated.

According to figures from Johns Hopkins, almost 6.94 billion vaccine doses have been provided thus far.

The infection-fighting efficiency of mRNA vaccines has been impressive. However, as new mutations emerge around the world, experts are concerned about whether vaccines will continue to be successful in combating mutations.

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