November 9, 2021

Galvez reports that PH vaccine acceptability has risen from 46% to 64%.

On Monday, National Task Force (NTF) against Covid-19 lead implementer Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr. claimed that public acceptance of the coronavirus vaccine has increased “substantially.”

Galvez cited the latest SWS poll data showing that vaccine acceptance among Filipinos has increased from 46% to 64% in an interview at the Laging Handa news briefing.

Galvez also stressed the significance of maintaining a constant vaccination awareness effort to combat vaccine apprehension.

He claims that the majority of people are misinformed about the Covid-19 vaccines, making them wary of participating in the country’s vaccination program.

“Marami talagang sa social media na nakikita natin na talagang maraming disinformation sa safety and effectiveness ng ating mga bakuna (A lot of people find a lot of disinformation about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations on social media),” he remarked.

Galvez said several medical organizations, as well as the commercial sector, have developed an “avenue” to push for a big Covid-19 vaccination information dissemination campaign to combat vaccine hesitancy.

Galvez stated again that all vaccine portfolios used in the country are “safe and efficacious as demonstrated by real-world data.”

He also asked people not to believe anti-vaxxers who are disseminating false information and misinformation regarding the Covid-19 vaccinations.

Galvez advised people to get vaccinated as a way to help the country achieve its aim of population protection.

“Talagang kailangang-kailangang nating magpabakuna talagang kailangang-kailangang nating magpabakuna talagang kailan (We absolutely need to get vaccinated.) Nakita natin na bumagsak ang ating cases dahil napakataas ng ating pagbabakuna dito sa Metro Manila. We’ve noticed that our cases have decreased as a result of the high immunization rate in Metro Manila) “he stated

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