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In comparison to Covid-19, about 30 million Filipinos have now been fully immunized.

As of Wednesday, the Philippines had provided 65,764,376 doses of Covid-19 vaccinations, with approximately 30,108,097 Filipinos fully protected against the terrible virus.

The government was able to inject 817,010 doses on Tuesday alone, according to data from the National Covid-19 Vaccination Dashboard, with 517,998 jabs utilized as the first dosage and 299,012 as the second dose.

The administration remains hopeful about its goal of increasing the average daily immunization rate to 1.5 million doses by the end of the year in order to accomplish population protection.

Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr., the lead implementer of the National Task Force (NTF) against Covid-19, said the country’s immunization production has “much improved” thanks to consistent vaccine delivery during President Rodrigo Duterte’s prerecorded Talk to the People on Wednesday morning.

However, he said that the government is “still short” of its goal of 1.5 million daily vaccinations.

In the last seven days, 765,422 doses of immunizations were provided on an average daily basis.

According to Galvez, the largest weekly output was recorded from Nov. 2 to 8, with 5,473,704 vaccines administered.

Galvez stated that beginning this month, up to 1.5 million doses per day will be required to fully vaccinate up to 70 percent of the country’s estimated 110 million overall population.

Galvez said the government has been holding meetings with local government units (LGUs) and key entities involved in the Covid-19 pandemic response to help speed up the country’s immunization effort.

“All of our LGUs are being challenged to be innovative in order to administer the vaccines that have been delivered to them as quickly as possible,” he continued.

So far, the Philippines has received 117,245,400 doses of Covid-19 vaccine, both from the government and from donations.

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