October 8, 2021

Acupuncture may assist you in quitting smoking.

Smoking is a difficult habit to kick. If nicotine patches and gum aren’t working for you, consider trying an alternative kind of treatment such as acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a needle-based therapy that dates back thousands of years. This device is implanted into the skin to allow energy, or Qi, to flow freely throughout your body, assisting you in quitting smoking.

When you go to an acupuncturist for the first time and inform him or her that you want to quit smoking, the specialist will examine your ears and look for regions where the energy is low after asking you some questions.

These sharp needles are inserted when these locations have been detected. Five needles are usually inserted into various acupoints.

The treatment lasts an hour, and when the needles are withdrawn, you are recommended to wear ear magnets to keep your session going long after you leave the facility. While acupuncture is a painless therapy, some smokers have reported feeling a prick or being tired as a result of it.

Most smokers would need to visit the clinic four to six times before noticing any noticeable changes. To give you an indication, one study found that after just one or two sessions, respondents reported a drop in the number of desires to smoke. After 5 or 6 sessions, seven out of ten respondents were able to break the behavior.

Some people doubt the efficiency of acupuncture because of the tiny number of test subjects. This is because, while there were good indicators in terms of the technique’s short-term effects, they were not sustained. As a result, some medical journals have said that it is unknown what acupuncture can do to help people quit smoking.

However, keep in mind that acupuncture is not a long-term solution. It only begins with a task that you must complete on your own. Some smokers who visit the clinic twice or three times per week will need to return for follow-up sessions in the future.

Simultaneously, you must devise strategies to keep yourself from picking up a cigarette. This can be accomplished by avoiding people who smoke because you will be tempted to ask for a stick. You can construct your own personal mantra to repeat to yourself whenever you feel compelled to do so.

Keep in mind that this need is very temporary and will pass in a matter of minutes. Stick on the route and stay smoke-free because you’ve fought so hard to leave this behind.

Only a licensed expert should administer acupuncture to smokers. You may look them up on the internet to see if they are accredited by the National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, how long they’ve been practicing, how many smokers they’ve helped, and how much they’ll charge.

Once you’ve selected one, you’ll need to commit to the program since you and the acupuncturist will need to work together to break this habit.

Acupuncture can help smokers quit smoking in the same way it has helped addicts and alcoholics kick their habits. You simply have to give it a shot, even if you don’t believe in it.

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