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Baguio City Embraces Web3: Participate in Bitskwela’s Bull or Bear Debate Now! 🎤🐻

Ignite Baguio’s evolution into a Smart City! Don’t miss the Bull or Bear Web3 Debate hosted by Bitskwela and contribute to the city’s technological advancement. 🚀📈


Baguio City accelerates Smart City status through Bitskwela’s Bull or Bear Web3 Debate

Baguio, Philippines — Philippine-based education platform Bitskwela elevates Baguio’s transformation to a Smart City through the Bull or Bear: Philippine Web3 Debate, highlighting the potential of Web3 to drive technological-based governance, reforms, and innovations in the city and across local governments all over the country.

Held at the University of the Cordilleras, Bitskwela’s sixth Bull or Bear debate, themed “Web3 in Baguio,” served as a melting pot for different stakeholders, enthusiasts, and students to engage in an open discussion on the pros and cons of blockchain-related technologies. With a leveled understanding, Baguio citizens are able to make well-informed decisions when engaging with the Web3 space.

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong, who is leading the charge to classify Baguio as a full-fledged Smart City by 2027, underscored the significance of the event: “This debate represents a pivotal step forward in our journey towards becoming a Smart City. By learning how to harness the transformative power of Web3 technology, we are not just envisioning a future of advanced governance and innovation but actively building it. Collaborations like these are crucial for us to realize a more connected, efficient, and inclusive city for all our residents.”

“The goal of the Baguio Smart City project is to leverage emerging technologies, such as data analytics and artificial intelligence, to enact good governance. Alongside the tech-savvy population of Baguio, emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies potentially play as a strong complement to sectors such as tourism management and citizen welfare,” said Bitskwela CEO Jiro Reyes, echoing Mayor Magalong’s view on the integral role of Web3 in achieving the city’s goal. 

The debate featured esteemed leaders and experts in blockchain, technology, and innovation, including Christopher Star of Web3PH, Paolo Dioquino of DeFi Philippines, Henry James of Bitshares Labs, Pat Arro of Polkadot SEA, and Van Orpilla of Google Developers Group Baguio. They provided thought-provoking insights into topics such as the adoption of digital currencies to improve commerce and governance and the use of NFTs to boost tourism.

“Bull or Bear is part of Bitskwela’s mission to help Filipinos own a piece of the internet. Our goal in these events is to bring Web3 and blockchain education to target areas where there is enough interest in emerging technology. Bitskwela envisions a Philippines where the words Bitcoin, crypto, and NFTs aren’t scary anymore for the everyday Filipino. We want cryptocurrency to be a household conversation; that’s why we’re bringing Bull or Bear to institutions such as the University of Cordillera,” Bitskwela CMO JC Macalintal added.

The Bull or Bear Baguio event was co-presented by Globe Telecom and Coins.ph, In collaboration with Polkadot, UC Innovation And Technology Transfer Office, and Bitshares Labs, along with Blockceler8 by Uniquecorn Strategies as its official PR partner. The event is also supported by NextBlock, KTX Finance, and friendzone.pro.


About Bitskwela

Bitskwela is a Web3 EduTech company that helps Filipinos own a piece of the internet through educational engagements, management services, products, and events that foster Web3-educated decision-makers and communities.

About Bull or Bear

Bull or Bear is Bitskwela’s flagship educational event, positioned as THE PHILIPPINE WEB3 DEBATE Bull or Bear is known in the Web3 community and is looked forward to by the Web3 community. Bull or Bear by Bitskwela has been historically part of the biggest Web3 events in the Philippines, such as last year’s Philippine Web3 Festival and Philippine Blockchain Week.

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