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When he returns to Bohol, the BP2 recipient plans to start an agribusiness.

A recipient of the “Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-asa Program” aspires to start an agriculture business upon her return to Bohol province, as agriculture emerges as one of the most trustworthy sectors in the midst of the global recession.

Janice Danlog, 29, said she is willing to go through a series of training courses in order to start a small business or work as an agripreneur.

“Willing akong pag-aralan lahat basta po mag-umpisa po ako ulit para na rin sa mga anak ko (Willing akong pag-aralan lahat basta po mag-umpisa po ako ulit para na rin sa mga anak ko),” Danlog said in an interview on November 11.

Danlog noted that due to pandemic-induced constraints, bringing food on the table for her three young children has been tough since she lost her work at the start of Covid-19.

“Nung nabalitaan ko yung Balik Probinsya, hindi na’ko nag-dalawang-isip na mag-apply kasi sobrang tagal na rin nung huli akong nakauwi sa amin, at may mga anak ako at mahal ang pasahe (When I first discovered about the Balik Pro “I desperately wanted to return home, but the cost is prohibitively expensive, and I’m traveling with my three children,” she explained.

Danlog stated that she intends to utilize the new abilities she will gain from the training sessions to hands-on projects and to try out new things in Bohol.

“Yun yung tinitignan ko, may lugar kami na pwedeng taniman.” In comparison to Maynila, yung buhay namin doon is more acceptable. Likewise, lahat bibilhin mo – maski tubig (We own land there that may be used for agriculture.) In comparison to the province, life is better there. Everything, including water, has to be purchased in Manila),” Danlog explained.

Danlog initially assumed the program would simply pay travel for beneficiaries like herself, but she was ecstatic to learn that recipients would also receive livelihood and financial assistance, as well as other perks to help them restart their lives.

“Sa pamasahe pa lang, sobrang laking tulong ng Balik Probinsya, major help na siya.” “May advantages din na makukuha na makakapagsimula kami once na makauwi na kami sa amin (The program is a tremendous help since recipients are given other benefits in addition to the fare so we may start over),” Danlog remarked.

On Nov. 11 at the BP2 Depot in Quezon City, Danlog was one of 39 recipients bound for Cebu and Bohol who underwent reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RRT-PCR) tests to guarantee they were not infected with Covid-19.

The BP2 program, which was established through Executive Order 114, series of 2020, is a national government project designed to alleviate traffic congestion in Metro Manila’s urban districts.

Government agencies assist recipients in navigating this shift by offering additional assistance and incentives in areas such as transportation, livelihood, family needs, sustenance, education, housing, and other areas.

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