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Asthma in Adolescents

Most of the teenagers who have asthma are also allergic to several substances. Asthma can grow severe even if persons with asthma are exposed to allergens of low severity. Allergies play a crucial influence in asthma cases that are undetected. Other variables that also promote childhood asthma include upper respiratory infections like colds, secondhand smoke, and particular climate circumstances like cold air and emotional bodily manifestations like laughing, sobbing, or yelling. However, it is not the end of the road for asthmatics as they can live active and healthy if they manage asthma effectively by avoiding asthma triggers, regular intake of prescribed medications, being attentive to the warnings, and being aware of the techniques to deal with an asthma attack.

There is a huge unanimity among the parents if their children would outgrow asthma as they grow up. But the truth is it depends from child to child. While some youngsters experience improvement in their teen’s others observe asthma become even more severe. But over half of the children who have asthma outgrow asthma as they grow although some symptoms may come back later.

Many parents have questions about whether their children can take part in sports activities. The answer is both yes and no. Some kids may develop an asthma attack when they participate in workouts like running. But with proper management, a youngster suffering from asthma can actively participate in sports. Special aerobic exercises can improve airway function. This strengthens the respiratory muscles. One of the ways that one can participate in sports is to follow the regimen of stretching the muscles prior to and after exercising, nose-breathe instead of inhaling through the mouth, and make sure that humidified air goes through the airways. Also, parents should make sure that the adolescent has taken all prescribed medication supposed to be taken before they begin exercising. Carrying a reliever is essential for asthmatic kids which would come helpful if an asthma attack arises. Asthmatic kids should make sure that they wear something over their mouth and nose to stop cold air from entering.

It is not simple for adolescent teens to attend school when they have asthma but it is not tough also at the same time if good coordination is done among the teenager, doctor, family, and school workers. It is a good idea to consult teachers, nurses, and other pertinent staff of the school and let them know that the teenager has asthma and may have particular requirements. Also, let the school management know about medications the teenager frequently takes and how to support the child when an attack occurs. The school staff should be asked to treat the teen normally once the incident stops. The physical education coach should also be informed about the issue so that he/she can let the kid stretch the muscles before any exercises or to cope with asthma attacks generated due to workouts. Also, before admitting the teenager to new school attention must be taken to verify the quality of air, irritants, and allergens if any present in the school. The school personnel should take measures to avoid illnesses that could limit the energy level of kids. Also, asthmatic kids should be reminded from time to time that they are no different from others and asthma in any manner does not slow them down, They need this emotional assurance otherwise they may have personality problems.

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