November 13, 2021

The Palace will publish an executive order on ‘National Covid-19 Vaccination Days,’ according to the National Task Force on Vaccination.

The National Task Force (NTF) Against Covid-19 stated on Thursday that Malacanang is anticipated to sign an executive order establishing November 29 to December 1 as National Covid-19 Vaccination Days.

Dr. Maria Paz Corrales, an NTF medical specialist, said the entire-society project is called “Bayanihan Bakunahan,” and it seeks to vaccinate 15 million people in three days.

“An executive order from Malacanang declaring the days of November 29 and 30, and December 1 as ‘National Covid-19 Vaccination Days’ will be released in the coming days,” Corrales said during the arrival of three million shots of government-supplied Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine at NAIA Terminal 2 in Pasay City.

The Department of Health (DOH), according to Corrales, is creating rules for the National Covid-19 Vaccination Days.

She stated that the national government has collaborated with local government entities, the medical community, religious organizations, and the commercial sector to carry out the mammoth undertaking.

The Office of the President is evaluating the idea to declare the three-day national vaccination programs as regular holidays to allow more Filipinos to get immunized against Covid-19, according to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

“Kung ano ang magiging desisyon ng Office of the President ukol diyan, inaasikaso po.” (We’re waiting for the President’s Office to make a decision on the situation.) In a virtual news briefing on Thursday, Roque declared, “We will make an announcement).”

According to Corrales, the government will continue to expand its vaccination program in order to reach its objective of inoculating at least 54 million Filipinos by the end of December.

As of Thursday, the Philippines had received 121,979,340 Covid-19 dosages from various manufacturers.

A total of 66,816,976 doses of coronavirus vaccine have been delivered throughout the Philippines, with 30,478,899 Filipinos now fully immunized.

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