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Assessment And Support For Adult Dyslexia

A lot of adults who are potential dyslexics have second thoughts on seeking a professional examination for dyslexia. If you are one of them, then it’s about time that you quit thinking this way. Getting an assessment is actually not too hard at all. In truth, it is extremely straightforward as long as you know where and how to get one.

How To Get A Formal Dyslexia Assessment

One institute that can aid you with acquiring a proper dyslexia assessment is The Dyslexia Institute. They can help schedule an assessment session for you with a licensed professional qualified independent psychologist who has superior information on dyslexia.

It can be good for the psychologist to get more background information about you from your professors or employers; however, occasionally you may wish to receive advise first before involving other people.

Confidentiality Issues

If you are scared of your condition’s harmful effect on your identity, then fear no more. You can be guaranteed that the institute’s Consulting Psychologists and Institute employees would absolutely respect all information that you give them confidentially. They would not release any kind of information without your authorization.

What Happens During An Assessment

The assessment session would normally last for about two hours only. In this time range, discussion on the findings is already incorporated. Additionally, you get to discuss with a psychologist different ways of dealing with any challenges that may develop in the future regarding the details that were shared during the session.

During an assessment, you will experience a somewhat “investigation” regarding your learning, thinking, and problem-solving skills. This is done to gain indications where are your areas of strength and difficulties. Additionally, it can check your achievements on fundamental writing, reading, mathematics and spelling skills.

Relevance Of The Results

The information that are acquired throughout your evaluation are used by the psychologist to assure whether you have areas of performance that do not meet up to the required level for your age. If the results are like that, then it is usually a sign that you have a distinct learning challenge, which is responsible for your complexity in gaining certain abilities.

If your results reveal complex data, then sometimes, extra explication may be needed. Inability to do this, further test are normally done. After the extra tests are done, you will have another talk with your psychologist to discuss about the new data acquired about your situation.

Need Help?

After having an assessment, the first thing that would undoubtedly jump into your mind is whether someone out there is capable of helping you. That issue is instantly answered as after your assessment appointment, your psychologist will provide you with practical advice depending on the severity of your case and the challenges that you are experiencing.

The directions can also heavily depend on your professional and educational ambitions, which you looked out for.

Typically, these directions would entail making other individuals aware of dyslexia’s existence in your life. This is vital so that they would not persistently place judgment on your bad handwriting or spelling skills. There are a lot more more directions that your psychologist can provide you following the exam; however, they considerably differ on a case to case basis.

So, now that you know how a standard dyslexia evaluation for adults carries through, you can see that there is really no reason why you should be terrified of getting one and knowing if you have the condition or not.

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