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In the Workplace, Assisting Adults With Dyslexia

Even if adult dyslexics are gifted, they still have some issues that require special attention, particularly from their employers and coworkers.

Adults with this syndrome are likely to be defensive and secretive. In addition, they scribble inverted financial data and phone digits. Just deciphering a simple memo can take an hour of their time.


Even if they acknowledge their condition, most people would still try to hide their illiteracy from their coworkers. They have their own subtle methods for getting other people to write and read for them, which most dyslexics have honed during their school years.

Severe headaches are usually the result of exerting a great deal of effort in order to read accurately. Anyone can see a decrease in production, however, it can be difficult to quantify to what extent.

Playing a charade like this will not benefit either the employee or the employer. That is why it is necessary to be transparent about the condition so that both the employer and the person with the disease may work together to achieve productivity and success.


A little wiggle room between the employer and the employee is essential. Both parties should work together to find ways to improve the employee’s working experience and product.

One example would be coming up with a strategy to make it easier for a dyslexic adult to read at work. Employers should take the lead and declare that they would assist their employees in making reading simpler. Workplace adaptation is simple as long as workers and employers cooperate together.

In the Workplace, Some Reading Techniques

Giving oral instructions to reading challenged people is one technique to help them work more efficiently. Using an audio recorder or voice mail to dictate would also be beneficial. Because there is no longer a need for hour-long memo deciphering sessions, this can assist save time and enhance productivity.

It’s fine to appoint someone to read to them. However, the employee with the condition may feel self-conscious as a result of this. It would be preferable if you could give a computer with a voice synthesizer. Your computer may easily be the one to read your employee’s memos.

Because most dyslexics are capable of utilizing a computer, they can be of great assistance. In fact, some persons with this disease feel that reading on a screen is easier than reading on paper. They can also use the computer’s spell-checker feature to create professional-looking reports and letters.
Concerning Writing

Avoid administering written tests that are identical to those given in school when it comes to writing. Another tip is to avoid asking your dyslexic employee to fill out difficult forms if at all possible.

Your employee will be at a disadvantage if he or she has not received corrective training. However, kids have accurate and detailed recollections, so there’s no need to be discouraged.

You have the option of questioning them verbally. You can also delegate the task of writing down their responses while they speak. If you must administer a written test, you must allow sufficient time for your employee to complete it.

Furthermore, the test should be completed in a distraction-free atmosphere.

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