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Is Dyslexia Really a Thing?

Dyslexia is one of several learning impairments that affect language and the ability to learn new things. If you think you might have this ailment, you should receive a professional diagnosis. This is due to the fact that dyslexia can be confused with other learning disorders.

Here are some of the common signs and symptoms of dyslexia, as well as some of the disorders that can be confused for it.

Dyslexia is the cause!

When you have dyslexia, you may find it challenging to use oral language in general. If feasible, inquire of your parents or other relatives who were present throughout your youth about whether or not you were a late talker. If they answer yes, this could be an indication of dyslexia. It could, however, be something else, such as a linguistic delay.

Another trait to look for is trouble pronouncing words. Furthermore, you may now find it difficult to learn new vocabulary and apply suitable grammar for your age. Directions, as well as distinguishing between “before vs. after,” “right vs. left,” and other terms, might be perplexing.

Learning the letters was a chore for you as a kid. Even if you’re an adult, learning nursery rhymes and songs appear to be difficult. Understanding concepts and the relationships between things can be a difficult task. There are other situations when word retrieval or naming issues arise.

If you have experienced noticeable difficulties with reading, such as learning to read backward as a child or being unable to recognize or construct rhyming words, you may have dyslexia. You can also have trouble counting the number of syllables in a word.

Your phonological awareness may also be harmed. It’s possible that you have some hearing problems. Furthermore, controlling sounds in words might be difficult at times. You may also have a minor problem with auditory discrimination, making it difficult to discern distinct sounds within a word.

Dyslexia can also make it difficult to remember letter shapes and names. When writing or reading, you frequently reverse your letters. When reading, you also have a proclivity for omitting little words and stumbling over long ones. Comprehending what you’ve just read can be difficult as well.

Your written language is also impaired by dyslexia. You can experience some problems in putting your ideas on paper. You can also have lots of spelling mistakes, and have issues in editing your work.

It Is Something Else

Some of the additional conditions that are connected with dyslexia are dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADD or ADHD, and dyspraxia. Some of these illnesses have similar problems with dyslexia. However, they also have specific symptoms that differentiate them from them.

Dysgraphia is generally difficulties with handwriting. Here you are confused whether you are right or left-handed. You also have very bad or slow handwriting. Copying can be tricky. Plus your fine motor skills are truly in horrible shape.

Dyscalculia is concerned with great trouble with math. Simple counting of things is already hard. You can also reverse your numbers and have tons of calculation errors. Memorizing arithmetic facts is not one of your favorite things to do, along with copying math problems.

ADD or ADHD relates to trouble with attention. You are quite inattentive and easily distracted by anything around you. You can also be impetuous and hyperactive at times.

Dyspraxia is simply difficulties in coordinating and planning physical motions. This can impact both gross and fine motor skills. You can have some trouble in synchronizing your facial muscles, in which a simple smile can be challenging to perform.

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