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Adults with Dyslexia: General Instructions

After a full dyslexia assessment as an adult, your psychologist will give you some broad guidance on how to deal with the challenges that dyslexia might cause. This is done because, as an adult, you are expected to recognize and know how dyslexia affects your life, including how it affects you emotionally, socially, financially, and so on.

As an adult, you are supposed to be able to cope with these issues if you are given the proper instructions and guidance. So, if your formal assessment provides a positive result for the condition, here are some general suggestions that a psychologist may give you.

Acceptance and Knowledge

The very first thing you can do to aid yourself if you’ve been diagnosed with dyslexia is to accept your situation. Denial isn’t going to help you. That is why, if your psychologist notices that you have a low level of self-motivation in relation to your condition, this may be the first thing they wish to address.

Another factor to consider is the people in your immediate vicinity. Of course, the people you meet and engage with on a daily basis play an important role in your life. This is especially true if you are employed or enrolled in school. The second greatest thing you can do to aid yourself is to let them know and comprehend your situation.

Other individuals can make compensations and considerations for you simply by alerting them and making them aware of your situation. They will be able to better comprehend you and will cease thinking false thoughts about you.

If you ever need to undergo special training, having the support of your family and friends is crucial to your success. That is why your psychologist may advise you to tell them about your issue so that they can provide you with the necessary support and assistance during your training.

Particular Points to Consider

Special considerations would most likely be discussed with you by your psychologist. He or she may suggest to your lecturers or other authorities that you be given extra time or other special considerations when taking any type of examination or test. This is to ensure that your dyslexia-related challenges do not negatively impact your examination results.

Other Sources of Assistance

Another piece of general advice that can be given to you is to think about what other sorts of assistance you might need outside your family and friends. This assistance is available through the use of a computer, which can substantially assist you in accomplishing chores that you may find difficult to complete owing to your condition.

Your psychologist will most likely inform you how and where you can purchase computers with this capability. They may also suggest that you seek assistance from groups that can offer you with such devices.

Specialized Training

You will also be informed about your options for customized courses. There are a variety of short courses designed to help you improve your performance in specific areas where you may be struggling.

Reading, spelling, study skills, report writing, revision strategies, exam procedures, general organization, and time management are common topics covered in these classes. These are some of the most prevalent areas in which dyslexic people struggle.

Individualized Education Plan

You can also have a personalised learning program created for you. Your psychologist would explain how this type of program operates and the advantages it can provide.

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