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Adult Dyslexia Issues and Reading Strategies: A Holistic Approach

Dyslexia is treated with a variety of programs and strategies. Holistic reading is one of them. However, this system has undergone extensive investigation and testing, which has resulted in the discovery of some flaws.

Reading in a holistic manner

Many specialists believe that holistic reading is a major issue in the realm of dyslexia. Many people have become sight readers with a holistic reflex rather than phonetic readers with a phonetic reaction as a result of holistic reading.

A holistic reader considers each word as if it were a miniature painting. It’s comparable to the way Chinese ideographs are set up, where the reader has to guess what word the symbol or letter represents.

A phonetic reader, on the other hand, correlates letters with sounds. Each syllabic unit, which merges into one articulated word, would have to be sounded out.

The Problem at Hand

The fundamental worry is that failing to teach someone to read phonetically while asking them to memorize thousands of sight words isn’t really beneficial, as it can only result in educational dyslexia.

By definition, sight words are words that are learned without reference to the sounds represented by the letters in the word. Many publishers now sell books that include audiotapes so that people can learn to read using the sighting technique without the assistance of others.

If this persists, the individual’s condition will only become worse. Without realizing it, a reading handicap has grown even worse.

Experts have concluded that imposing an erroneous, subjective, and ideographic teaching technique on a writing system that uses phonetic-alphabet and require precise decoding only creates symbolic confusion. Frustration, cognitive conflict, and learning breakdown are all factors to consider.

The MWIA TEST might help you figure out if you’re a holistic reader.

Take the MWIA test to see if you’ve developed into a holistic reader. This is a straightforward test that determines how much you’ve become a “subjective” reader.

Edward Miller, a former teacher and school administrator from North Carolina, created this test in the early 1990s. Many reading experts and school psychologists believe that this strategy can assist in identifying students who have been taught utilizing the Holistic Reading method.

The MWIA test is divided into two lists of words. The first list contains terms derived from the 220 most frequent “sight words,” while the second list contains words derived from Rudolph Flesch’s “Why Johnny Can’t Read,” which are phonetically regular words used at the first-grade level.

The primary distinction is that the terms in the first list will be highly familiar to Holistic readers, despite the fact that they may include two dozen or more multi-syllable or irregular words. Surprisingly, some of the terms in the second list may not be. While reading the second list, a holistic reader not only slows down but also makes several errors.

A phonetic reader, on the other hand, can read both of the lists equally well. In fact, because the words are easier, the second list may be read faster than the first.

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