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Dyslexia Symptoms That Are Misleading

Dyslexia can also have some deceptive signs that make it appear as though the disorder isn’t present at all. This type of symptom can appear to be nothing more than a case of carelessness at times. However, if they occur frequently, it is something you should be aware of. So, here are a few of dyslexia’s false symptoms.

When it comes to writing, there is a lot of hesitancy.

It’s easy to dismiss a person’s reluctance to write down their thoughts as simply laziness. However, many people are unaware that a basic feature like this can already be a symptom of dyslexia. Some persons who are dyslexic try their hardest to hide their condition. As a result, they may appear as though they are simply too lazy to write. However, the real reason behind this is that they have dyslexia and are having difficulty writing. This symptom can just appear as a lack of excitement for writing when a person has not yet been diagnosed with the illness.

Problems with Telephone Messages

It can appear as simple carelessness or inattentiveness when a person is perplexed by telephone messages. But if the uncertainty persists, it could be a sign of something more serious, such as dyslexia. This symptom can be quite bothersome, especially if you work as a secretary or receptionist and are required to answer the phone and take messages.

Difficulties Taking Notes

When you have dyslexia, taking notes might be a laborious task. This is especially true if you are studying or working in a position that demands this expertise, such as waiters. The problem is that most people mistakenly believe that trouble in this skill is just incompetence or clumsiness. That is why, unless it is accompanied by more visible signs of the illness, it might be a false symptom.

Other People’s Perceptions

Another potentially deceptive sign is trouble understanding and interpreting what others are saying to you. The majority of the time, others will simply accuse you of not paying attention to them. They don’t realize you have dyslexia, which is why you have trouble understanding what they’re saying. It’s even more challenging if the speaker is speaking too quickly in a loud atmosphere or situation.

Difficulties with Sequencing

When you have this issue, you may also have problems with sequencing. For someone with dyslexia, even simple difficulties like sequencing the days of the week might be challenging. Other people who are unaware of the illness may mistakenly characterize a dyslexic person as an idiot or stupid, because such a skill is anticipated to be mastered by now, especially if you are an adult.

Reversing a figure or a letter

Writing might be difficult for those with dyslexia. You can sometimes reverse the order in which you write the letters or digits. You can also change the order in which they are supposed to appear in a word or a number.


Some dyslexics have trouble keeping track of their time. However, a lack of this competence can lead someone to believe that the problem is just disorder or personality differences.

These are some of dyslexia’s deceptive symptoms. So, if you suspect you have these symptoms, as well as any of the other more evident markers of dyslexia, be cautious and seek help right once.

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