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Covid-19 has infected almost 3000 healthcare professionals, according to the Department of Health.

As the country records yet another single-day high in new cases, the number of healthcare professionals infected with coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) has risen to 3,114.

Leopoldo Vega, the health undersecretary, and treatment czar said on Thursday that the amount represents 11% of the total 26,000 healthcare professionals at government facilities.

“So, manageable pa rin,” Vega said in a televised public briefing. “However, iyon nga, nagsta-strategize na rin ang ibang hospitals na magku-close ng ilang services, kasi alam nila na kailangan ma-cover nila iyong deployment for the healthcare workers doon sa Co

Vega said the shortening of the isolation period for healthcare workers who tested positive for the coronavirus is “alright” because they now have a higher level of protection or immunity against the disease, citing the fact that 93 to 95 percent of healthcare workers are fully vaccinated and some have already had booster shots.

He also stated that the Omicron variant’s incubation period is two to three days shorter than the original Covid-19 virus’s incubation period of five to seven days.

“So, without a doubt, ito ay naka-base sa mga scientific data na ginawa rin ng international institutions, pag-ikli ng isolation sa asymptomatic, mild at sa mga (this is based on scientific data from international institutions, reducing the isolation [period] for asymptomatic, mild [cases] and) healthcare workers from seven to five days,” he said.

More health workers have been infected with the coronavirus, which has been on the rise in the country, with 34,021 cases reported on January 13, the highest number since March 2020.

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