November 19, 2021

LGUs are being advised to simplify requirements following the missed flights from Boracay.

Following reports that some visitors in Boracay missed their flights due to a lack of QR codes, the Department of Tourism (DOT) requested local government units (LGUs) to simplify their entrance requirements on Wednesday.

“The Department of Transportation expresses its concern over numerous complaints regarding the delayed processing of visitor requirements, resulting in missed flights and disrupted travel schedules, particularly from leisure travelers applying for entry to the municipality of Malay, which covers the island of Boracay,” the department said.

The DOT has contacted the concerned LGU and requested that the guest travel restrictions be simplified.

Streamlining tourist services is a “crucial component in enabling the rehabilitation of the island’s tourism business and personnel, which have been significantly impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak,” according to the statement.

“While the department recognizes the limitations and constraints that LGUs face, it also recognizes the necessity of prompt facilitation of such requests put on visitors by the LGUs,” the DOT noted.

The LGU is responsible for the processing of admission criteria for local tourists.

Boracay eliminated the swab test requirement for fully vaccinated leisure travelers on November 16, but visitors must still show documentation such as a VaxCert PH certification or an LGU-issued immunization certificate.

They must also obtain approval from the province of Aklan, which will send a QR code that will be used to visit the resort island.

Concerned travelers should contact the provincial office of Aklan for QR concerns, according to a statement issued by the Malay-Boracay Tourism Office on November 15.

“Neither the Malay Tourism Office nor the 24-hour Boracay Tourist Info Hotline have access to the Aklan Validating Office, which processes tourists’ QR codes,” the statement added.

The DOT reminded the LGUs that the tourism sector’s ability to recover from all of its losses “will be largely determined by the policies that will be implemented by the national and local governments, as well as the participation and cooperation of its tourism stakeholders and the traveling public.”

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