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Visitors are encouraged to register as Baguio prepares to open 1,000 extra tourist slots.

The municipal government has recommended visitors take advantage of the additional 1,000 tourist slots available every day since the daily arrival limit has been lifted to 5,000.

Many visitors have planned to visit Baguio, but have been unable to obtain a quick response travel permit (QTP) through the online registration platform due to the daily restriction for non-essential trips, according to City Information Office chief Aileen Refuerzo in a phone interview on Thursday.

At the border checkpoints leading to Baguio, a “No QTP, No Travel” regulation is in effect.

“The city has added 1,000 more, bringing the total to 5,000.” “Take advantage of the newly available spots right now,” Refuerzo said.

Because of the demand for more visitor slots, she said the city government decided to raise the daily ceiling.

Tourists, on the other hand, should adhere to the city’s regulations for non-essential travel, according to Refuerzo.

Tourists are only allowed to enter the city if they are properly vaccinated against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), according to her.

She also warned passengers against presenting forged documents, claiming that officials can detect them.

“Marami nga ang nakasuhan ng (Many have been sued by the) BCPO (Baguio City Police Office) kasi nag-a-attempt silang magsubmit ng (because they attempted to submit) forged paper,” said one of the plaintiffs (s). Please do not try to discover them with our professional employees at the triage,” Refuerzo stated.

The 5,000 daily visitor limit does not apply to individuals who visit the Baguio Country Club, as well as the Manor Hotel and Forest Lodge, both of which are located within Camp John Hay and have their own triage facilities.

The local government had previously stated that the limit on visitor arrivals was necessary due to the limited capacity of the central triage, which handles travel document verification.

Antigen testing is also done at the triage for visitors who have Covid-19 symptoms.

If a person is determined to be infected with the virus, they are automatically given a reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test and taken to an isolation facility until the confirming test results are released.

Members of the entire group to which the person belongs are considered close connections, and they are segregated or sent back to their home country.

Baguio is establishing a balance between health and the economy, according to city tourism officer Engineer Aloysius Mapalo, while many citizens remain unemployed following the pandemic’s impact on the tourism business.

He added that the increase in visitor slots would let tourism stakeholders recoup their losses by capitalizing on the Christmas season, while Covid-19 instances in the city and country remain low.

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