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Typhoon-hit Leyteos is being urged to pray ‘directly’ to God.

President Rodrigo Duterte has asked the people of Leyte to “pray straight to God” in order to be spared from another hurricane.

“The only thing I’m begging God for is that He spare you from another typhoon.” Perhaps you pray to the priest when you Leyteos pray. Don’t pray to the priest; instead, pray to God… In a speech in Maasin City, Leyte on Saturday, he said, “Pray hard because we really need a good — to face the tragedies there.”

Duterte confessed that viewing the destruction inflicted by Typhoon Odette to his homeland brought him near to tears.

“They may have been called here to assist because a storm can actually sweep through the entire area.” I sympathize with the people. I didn’t even want to get out of the car because seeing the damage made me want to cry. But, unlike in, the situation here is at least better — there were people waiting by the side of the road, in pain. He continued, “I felt quite sorry for them.”

Due to the risk of typhoons in Leyte, Duterte said he told his mother he wanted to migrate to another province.

“That’s why I warned my mother when I was born — the instant I was born into this world — ‘Let’s not stay here since this place is particularly prone to typhoons,'” he explained.

He claimed they relocated to Davao since the area was less prone to typhoons.

“There are no typhoons in Davao, which is why Mindanao is safe — it’s beneath the wind current.” Because we are the Pacific’s window, the typhoon will just pass past. Because the Mariana Islands and Guam are American territories, they must be excluded. He stated, “We have no part in that.”

He did say, though, that Davao had its own issues, such as communist insurrection.

“Mindanao should have been the one to offer us relief and plenty of food.” It’s a fertile region, and what makes Mindanao appealing is the temperature; every afternoon — when we first got here — it only drizzled, it only rained. As a result, agricultural endeavors were made possible… But Mindanao’s problem is the insurgency),” he remarked.

Duterte performed an airborne assessment of the areas damaged by typhoon Odette on Saturday and ordered the mobilization of all government assets to speed up humanitarian delivery.

He also named Rolando Bautista, Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, as the crisis manager in Surigao del Norte and the Dinagat Islands, with assistance from Ricardo Jalad, Executive Director of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and Civil Defense Administrator Undersecretary.

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