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Bulacan governor advises parents to have their children vaccinated against Covid-19.

As the “Resbakuna Kids” immunization program against coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) was started at the Hiyas ng Bulacan Convention Center here on Wednesday, Governor Daniel R. Fernando urged parents to get their eligible children immunized.

Secretary Carlito G. Galvez, Jr., the vaccine czar and National Task Force Against Covid-19 Chief Implementer, said the vaccines are safe and effective against the dreaded disease. Fernando, who led the event, said the immunizations are safe and effective protection against the dreaded disease.

“Dama ko ang pangamba ng mga magulang para sa kanilang mga anak, but wala kayong dapat ipag-alala,” says the mother (I feel the concern of the parents for their children but there is nothing to worry about). “All vaccines are safe and effective, and the Philippine Pediatric Society has endorsed them,” Fernando said at the ceremonial vaccination for children aged 5 to 11.

Galvez reassured parents about the vaccines’ safety, claiming that they had undergone extensive testing by professionals.

He stated that it is critical to vaccinate children, as President Rodrigo Duterte stated during their recent meeting because they are the future generation of Filipinos.

“Pagtingin pa natin ang paghihikayat sa mga magulang na pabakunahan ang kanilang mga anak at salamat sa kanilang desisyon,” says the narrator. If ang bayan mo, pamilya mo, magpabakuna na kayo (If ang bayan mo, pamilya mo, magpabakuna na kayo) (Let us step up our efforts to encourage parents to get their children vaccinated, and thank you for your decision.) Let us be vaccinated if you love your country and your family),” Galvez remarked.

Meanwhile, Regional Director of the Department of Health (DO), Dr. Corazon Flores, said the Covid-19 vaccination is a valuable gift that parents can give to their children so that they may enjoy their childhood and return to school safely.

“Baguna ang tanging proteksyon laban sa Covid-19 (Because we love our children, vaccination is the only protection against Covid-19),” Flores added.

The Department of Health delivered the first 2,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine to the province’s 476,636 youngsters aged 5 to 11.

Fernando urged his constituents to participate in the vaccine campaign, stressing that the province is on the verge of achieving Covid-19 population protection.

The province of Bulacan had administered a total of 4,320,648 vaccination doses as of January 28.

A total of 1,999,692 Bulakenyos have been fully vaccinated, 2,017,890 have received their first dose, and 303,066 have already received their booster shots, according to these figures.

Fernando also urged the Bulakenyos to follow the security and health regulations at all times in order to avoid the virus from spreading.

“Patuloy tayong mag-ingat, patuloy na sumunod sa mga inilatag na health protocols upang mapangalagaan natin, hindi lamang ang ating mga sarili, kundi maging ang ating mga mahal sa buhay, lalo na yung mga hindi pa puedeng mabakunahan (Let us proceed with caution.) Let us continue to follow health standards to safeguard not only ourselves but also our loved ones, particularly those who are not yet eligible for vaccination due to illness),” he added.

The province’s total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is 108,563, with 1,604 active cases as of February 8.

The overall number of recoveries is 105,409, while there are 1,550 deaths.

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