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The covid-19 vaccine is available to Antiqueño children aged 5 to 11.

Antique SAN JOSE DE BUENAVISTA. During the kick-off event at the Binirayan Gymnasium in San Jose de Buenavista on Tuesday, 98 youngsters aged five to eleven received their coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccine.

To make the environment kid-friendly, the gymnasium was decked with bright balloons.

In a message on behalf of the Philippine Pediatric Society-Antique branch, Dr. Rachel Molina stated that vaccination of the age group is critical since they may be exposed to others who are Covid-19 carriers.

“We (pediatricians) reassure you (parents) that the health benefit of the Covid-19 vaccine for your children significantly outweighs the danger of swelling and fever,” she said.

The provincial government has set a goal of 95,437 pediatric vaccinations.

The organizers expected at least 50 to 100 children to receive immunizations without pre-registration.

Dr. Ric Noel Naciongayo, the Integrated Provincial Health Officer, permitted his nine-year-old grandson, James Emmanuel, to have the vaccine for his own safety.

“I wanted to assure my grandson’s safe passage through life out of love,” Naciongayo added.

James Emmanuel said the injection was painless, but he “feels wonderful” now that he’s been vaccinated.

After two years of being at home, the youngster is thrilled to be able to go to the mall with his family, and he recommends that other children get vaccinated against Covid-19 as well.

Nia Alexia Panique, 6, did not experience any stinging from the syringe needle during her dose.

She also encouraged other children to get vaccinated and take advantage of the site’s treats, which included popcorn, chocolates, and cookies.

Nia’s mother, Laika, a nurse, expressed her desire for her daughter to be protected from the infection.

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