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SoKor distributes P2.5 million in grains and hygiene supplies to ‘Odette’ victims.

The South Korean government handed over PHP2.5 million worth of rice and sanitation kits to areas affected by Typhoon Odette on Wednesday.

The donation comprises 1,500 sacks of rice and 740 hygiene kits, all of which were sourced locally and given to the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

“We know that four million people in 38 provinces and 11 regions in the Republic of Korea are not simply numbers; they are people in critical need of immediate and ongoing support and relief, and I know that every little amount counts,” stated Korean Ambassador to Manila Kim Inchul.

This initial assistance comes on top of the envoy’s anticipated USD2 million (about PHP100 million) humanitarian contribution to help the storm victims recover.

The Embassy is presently assessing where the increased contribution should be best deployed in the Philippines with the help of various partners.

“With my limited experience here in the Philippines in the past, we (contributed) a few hundred dollars following Typhoon Rolly, and the beneficiary of that cash assistance was the Philippine Red Cross, who used it to construct close to 200 permanent housing units for the displaced people in Albay,” he told the Philippine News Agency.

“As a result, it will be contingent on what we discover here. We’re reaching out to various departments and foreign groups to see where they see the need and the urgency because relief and recovery must go hand in hand “Added he.

Along with emergency relief supplies, Kim emphasized that housing, telecommunications, and power must all be restored in order for the afflicted populace to resume their normal life.

“Because it’s a holistic issue, it will necessitate a joint strategy from the international community and the Philippine government,” he said.

In the meantime, Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Myca Magnolia Fischer expressed gratitude to the Korean government for its assistance, particularly as the government speeds up relief efforts in the Visayas and Mindanao.

“We appreciate the Republic of Korea’s solidarity and sympathy. Korea has always been a reliable partner for the Philippines, and we can count on them to help us during this difficult period “She told the PNA about it.

The newest Korean rice gift, according to DSWD Director Emmanuel Privado, will be enough to feed around 6,000 households.

The DSWD had distributed over 120,000 family food packs to the 11 regions affected by “Odette” as of December 28, with at least three trucks carrying 1,700 boxes each still in transit.

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