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SONA provides Marcos administration with specific instructions: Siargao solon

The administration’s clear course for the following six years was laid out in President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Rep. Francisco Jose Matugas II of Surigao del Norte’s First District expressed this when Marcos gave his first SONA on Monday.

In a text message sent Monday night, Matugas stated, “President Marcos is quite clear on the measures that he intends to undertake to lead our country to economic progress.

The President’s health measures, which, according to him, would secure the wellbeing of Filipinos, were specifically mentioned in the Siargao solon.

According to Matugas, “He emphasized the necessity to strengthen the government’s health initiatives to assure the wellbeing of the Filipinos through the construction of hospitals.”

He continued by saying that Marcos is eager to continue the fight against coronavirus disease-2019 by founding a virology institute.

One of Matugas’ goals, according to him, is providing health services to the residents of Siargao Island, which is home to nine towns.

He recently introduced House Bill 1033, which aims to modernize the island’s four district hospitals by redesignating them as outpatient clinics for the Siargao Island Medical Center.

The proposed legislation will modernize the four district hospitals on the island and extend the health care system.

Finally, according to Matugas, “the President emphasized the significance of the internet, technology, and energy to fully realize our growth potential.”

He gave President Marcos’ first SONA a “very good” rating.

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