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Palace: Hoarding has made the sugar scarcity “artificial.”

On Monday, Malacanang stated that the alleged shortage of sugar in the nation is “artificial” and only the result of dishonest businessmen hoarding.

The Sugar Regulatory Administration, the Department of Agriculture, and the Bureau of Customs (BOC) all conducted simultaneous operations to inspect sugar warehouses in Deparo, Caloocan City; Balut in Tondo and San Nicolas, Manila; Rosales, Pangasinan; San Fernando, Pampanga; Ibaan, Batangas; and Davao.

“The enormous volume of sugar discovered by Customs agents in the various warehouses in Luzon has led Malacaang to conclude that the shortage of sugar is artificial, brought on by the hoarding of sugar traders who wanted to rake in enormous profits from the sudden spike in sugar prices,” the Office of the President (OP) said in a press release.

BOC agents carried out a raid on a warehouse on Monday in Caloocan City at No. 306 Kabatuhan Street along Deparo Road.

They also confiscated the repacking equipment that the warehouse owners were using to disguise the fact that imported rice and sugar were actually made locally.

According to the OP, a letter of authorization (LOA) that the BOC agents delivered caused the raid.

The owners and caregivers refused to comply with their team, so they utilized their visitorial authority to forcibly open the warehouse.

The warehouse where the illegal agricultural products are kept is owned by Melissa and Benito Chua, according to BOC agents. The relationship between the two Chua’s was not immediately clear.

The OP claims that the Marcos administration is stepping up its fight against hoarders and profiteers in order to lower the price of sugar with the help of this most recent operation.

Following intelligence information that smuggled sugar and other agricultural products were being housed in multiple warehouses in Luzon last week, BOC operatives also conducted inspections there.

At least 60,000 bags of allegedly stockpiled sugar were discovered in four warehouses in Guiguinto, Bulacan after authorities conducted an inspection on Sunday.

On Saturday, BOC personnel also went to four T12 Polo Land warehouses on Ilang-Ilang St. in Barangay Tabang, Guiguinto, Bulacan.

They discovered 50-kilogram bags of Thai-imported sugar in the warehouses. At least two of the warehouses were only half full, and one had sugar sacks neatly stacked to the ceiling.

Customs officials at Subic Port had already seized 140,000 bags—or 7,000 metric tons—of imported sugar from Thailand.

According to the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service, a “recycled permission” may have been utilized in the Subic Port.

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