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Top internet piracy complaints come from Facebook and Shopee – IPOPHL

According to data from the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL), Facebook continued to receive the most complaints about intellectual property of any online platform in the first half of this year, followed by Shopee, Instagram, and Lazada.

According to IPOPHL’s IP Rights Enforcement Office (IEO), online spaces continue to be the most common places for IP infringement, accounting for 75% of all reports and complaints.

According to IPOPHL, Facebook has topped this list so far this year, accounting for 65.8% of all filings. Other websites (13.2%), Shopee (9.2%), Instagram (6.6%), and Lazada (5.3%) came in second and third, respectively.

However, IPOPHL observed that compared to the same semester last year, IP breaches decreased by 48% this semester.

A total of 56 reports and complaints about piracy and counterfeiting were received by IPOPHL in the first half of the year, a 48 percent decrease from the 107 reports and complaints that were registered during the same period in 2021. A total of 53 reports and 3 complaints were received, respectively.

53 or 95% of all reports and complaints received by IPOPHL’s IP Rights Enforcement Office concerned counterfeiting (IEO).

With a 65.9% share of reports and complaints, the most commonly counterfeited category is still clothing (shoes, garments, bags, and eyeglasses). Clothing is followed in popularity by accessories like keychains and umbrellas (4.5%), perfume and beauty products (9.1%), gadgets (6.8%), and home goods (6.8%).

Shows and movies made up the majority (44.4%) of the complaints and reports regarding piracy. Artwork and paintings (22.2%), general eBooks (22.2%), and software (11.1%) were the next categories.

IEO Officer-in-Charge Ann N. Edillon relates the decrease in complaints and reports to the potential decline of incidences of counterfeiting and piracy during the period given that awareness programs and capacity sessions on Respect for IP are ongoing.

The systems in place are operating. Edillon cited the MOU that IPOPHL assisted in facilitating in 2021 to advocate for tougher notice-and-takedown procedures among platforms as an example of how e-commerce platforms have gotten harsher as required by it. The MOU was between brand owners and e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

“We also acknowledge that brand-owners have a better understanding of their rights and how to use the platforms’ complaint systems,” Edillon continued.

While internet users continued to report counterfeiting and piracy activities with a contribution of 64.2%, the share of brand and IP rights owners significantly climbed to 18.9% from the previous year.

Through our activities to raise awareness of IP rights, we have been able to empower our netizens and the general public, and this ongoing support for IP enforcement is a reflection of that. Additionally, more and more owners of brands and intellectual property have come forward to express their concerns about preserving their rights. As we start to feel the effects of the recovering economy, we want to encourage the kind of proactive IP rights protection Teodoro C. Pascua described.

“Despite this decline, we cannot contest the fact that the fight to defend IP rights is now being waged online. We additionally exhort internet users and owners of intellectual property to maintain vigilance and make the most of IP protection tools on websites if they notice any counterfeiting and piracy activity. IEO welcomes formal complaints that can be submitted to IPOPHL for review if the online features are unable to allay the IP rights holder’s worries, according to Edillon.

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