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LTO revokes drivers’ licenses following the viral Cavite counterflow video.

Two drivers who appeared in a widely circulated video showing an SUV being led by a motorcycle to travel against the flow of traffic in Cavite City in July have had their licenses suspended and penalized by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

To hold Michael Inocentes and Roi Vincent Toledo liable for the event, LTO head Assistant Secretary Teofilo Guadiz III and LTO National Capital Region and Law Enforcement Service chief Clarence Guinto signed a resolution on Thursday.

Both were requested to turn in their licenses at the Intelligence and Investigation Division (IID) of the LTO after being determined to be “improper person(s) to operate a motor vehicle.”

The motorcycle’s operator, Inocentes, was accused of administrative offenses, including careless driving, failing to carry OR/CR, and failing to attach an authorized motor vehicle registration plate. The motorcycle also had blinkers and sirens.

In addition to revoking his license, he had to pay an 8,000 PHP fee.

Contrarily, Toledo, the driver of the black Toyota Prado, was charged with reckless driving and traffic obstruction, which resulted in the suspension of his license and a PHP3,000 punishment.

Erwin Pijana, the SUV’s owner, was also mandated to transfer ownership of the vehicle into his name within 20 days of receiving the ruling.

Pijana was informed that if he disobeyed, the car would be alerted.

Guadiz urged motorists to abide by the nation’s laws and traffic rules to protect themselves and the general public’s safety.

“The LTO would enforce the law against violators, whoever they may be, in particular those who pose as persons of authority,” he said. “Buong puwersa ding ipapatupad ng LTO ang batas laban sa mga lumabag, anuman ang antas o posisyon sa lipunan.”

The owner and driver of the two vehicles were issued show-cause notices on July 28 and were required to appear at the LTO office to address allegations before its IID.

The July 22 viral video showed an SUV traveling in the wrong direction while being escorted by a motorcycle equipped with blinkers and sirens.

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