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DOT chief promises to make the industry “better and stronger.”

The Department of Tourism (DOT) has reaffirmed its commitment to aid in reviving and strengthening the nation’s tourism industry.

Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco stated that the organization wants to promote a travel culture “that will engage society in promoting positive values, protect the nation’s environmental, historical, and cultural heritage, and instill pride in being Filipino” in a statement released on Tuesday night.

The epidemic and other tragedies have significantly impacted travel and tourism, but she emphasized that despite their inevitable occurrence, we must never let our commitment falter.

She declared that the Philippines would work to make tourism a “key pillar” of the economic recovery from which Filipinos might gain.

“One of the most important lessons these unheard-of times have taught us is that tourism should be by the people, with the help of the numerous businesses engaged in the industry and in the service of tourism; of the people, because it preserves and promotes our heritage, national identity, and sense of unity; and most importantly, for the Filipino, because what we do contributes meaningfully to our livelihood and our long-term aspirations of a better life for ourselves, ou.

The main message of World Tourism Day 2022, which took place on September 27, was a positive transformation for both people and the environment.

According to the UN World Tourism Organization, the industry “cannot continue along the same, pre-pandemic route” if it is to realize its full potential to promote inclusive and sustainable development while simultaneously upholding its climate action obligations.

“It is clear that the tourism industry and travelers are determined to do more and do better as World Tourism Day 2022 approaches. However, the acts of a single traveler, enterprise, or destination won’t be sufficient to bring about transformation at the necessary speed or scale, “a UN agency reported.

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