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VP Sara will spend the holiday season in Davao City.

Sara Duterte, vice president, said on Thursday that she would spend her Christmas vacation in Davao City.

Duterte stated in a televised interview that she intends to visit her family in her hometown.

She replied, “Yes, we will do it with my mom, my family, and my kids.”

She did point out that their team is still awaiting President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s itinerary in order to finalize the visitation schedule for the Department of Education (DepEd).

In actuality, my early move-in is the totoong plan namin. We are just waiting for President Marcos’ schedule so that we can start making our rounds in Mindanao for the Department of Education because we need to speak with our regional offices, she said. “Inaantay lang namin makita kung ano po ‘yung schedule ni Pangulong (Our original plan was to move early, we are just waiting for President) Marcos’ schedule, she added.

Taking care of top-down disconnection

Duterte emphasized the value of making personal visits to the area’s schools in order to conduct an on-site evaluation.

She claimed to have observed a “disconnection” between the regional offices, which include schools, and the central office, where instructions are issued.

“I’ve noticed that there is a noticeable separation between the field operations and the central office,” the speaker said. Binaba ko ‘yung Usecs (undersecretaries)], Asecs (assistant secretaries) namin, binaba ko sila doon sa regions (I took them on-the-ground, down to the regions) was what we did for the Department of Education, she said.

During her first three months in office, Duterte made reference to DepEd officials meeting with regional and school division heads to discuss local difficulties, particularly those in Leyte and Samar.

“That’s when I saw there are a lot of difficulties,” I said. “Doon ko na-notice na marami talaga silang problema doon na-notice na sometimes hindi nagkakaintindihan, miscommunication, misunderstanding, lahat ng mis-, nandun sa school. There are instances when there is a lack of comprehension, miscommunication, misunderstanding, and other errors at school. The teacher is the one who does the bulk of the work, she noted.

Despite these breakdowns in operational communication, Duterte noted that their experimental move had a successful consequence.

“The feedback was that it was very successful because they were able to vent, the divisions were able to speak up, and our regional offices did not become defensive because we were there to listen, not to get angry with them or give them orders,” she said.

The education leader claimed that in addition to this enhanced method of communication between the central, regional, division, and school offices, her teams are also making the most of online comments posted on her accounts used for both DepEd and the Office of the Vice President (OVP).

“We utilize the power of social media to communicate what we are working on, what our current projects are, and to solicit feedback. There are a lot of ideas and proposals that are good for the public that come from the comments and feedback people give about things like what we do in our office and what my work is. There are some solid ideas and suggestions from the populace in the comments and feedback, she noted.

Currently, more than two million Facebook users, over 765,000 Instagram followers, and roughly 188,000 Twitter followers follow Duterte’s official Facebook page.

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