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PNP will increase security during the holidays.

In places of confluence, the Philippine National Police (PNP) will station plainclothes personnel as part of stepped-up security operations throughout the Christmas season.

Col. Jean Fajardo, a PNP spokeswoman, said in a radio interview on Friday that this is being done to ensure that there won’t be any heightened criminal activity, such as pickpockets or hold-ups that will target the people who will be doing their shopping.

In addition to the uniformed police, she continued, “we will also employ covert, civilian, or intelligence police.”

Along with the police, she added, there will be “force multipliers” who will aid with security at malls, grocery stores, and flea markets, like village watchmen.

This occurs at a time when the holiday season is predicted to see an increase in small-time offenses.

Fajardo added that 6,000 people who specialize in serving tourists will be stationed in places where they anticipate more numbers.

“The more than 6,000 tourist-trained police are expected to be deployed this early so that our fellow Filipinos will feel the security along with their loved ones that they are safe and that they can enjoy their vacations,” she said. “Iyong ating mahigit 6,000 na tourist-trained police ay asahan ninyo na this early ay nandiyan na po sila para maramdaman ng ating mga

As part of its holiday security measures, the PNP had ordered the cancellation of police personnel’s leave requests.

Next a directive from PNP head Gen. Rodolfo Azurin Jr. to improve police presence and visibility during the holiday season, Fajardo said that any requests for leaves from December 15 to January 10 of the following year will be denied.

She also reiterated the need for people to exercise caution with fake currency.

She urged the public to report individuals or businesses that distributed phony peso bills or to turn over counterfeit money to banks.

According to Fajardo, help desks have already been set up at important thoroughfares and transportation hubs.

The PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) has also issued a warning to the public about online con artists who are working overtime to defraud their targets.

Lt. Michelle Sabino, a spokesperson for PNP ACG, claimed that fraudsters are enticing victims into making bitcoin investments online.

Cryptocurrency investment fraud is a recent scam tactic used by con artists. They offer people to make cryptocurrency investments, but it turns out that this is a scam, according to Sabino.

According to Sabino, con artists typically use internet banking or digital wallets to lure investors who are eager to invest.

The investor will next be persuaded to download a bogus cryptocurrency app so they may check on their investment.

She claimed that because the fund can be seen rapidly increasing at an exponential pace, the investor will be encouraged to contribute more cash.

You won’t be able to withdraw money once you start doing so. That is how you can tell if you’ve fallen for a cryptocurrency investment scam, Sabino noted.

The strategy calls for potential “investors” to download a specific cryptocurrency app, after which they must cash out their deposits in the app’s list of digital wallets.

Account users will be able to view how much money they have invested as well as the high interest their money has accrued over time in the dashboard of the apps.

Investors are persuaded to make additional investments when they start to notice the increasing interest that their money has produced in a short period of time.

The apps will prevent investors from withdrawing money if they begin to do so. Investors would then become aware that they had fallen for a bitcoin investment fraud.

However, Sabino claimed they had not yet received any official complaints from cryptocurrency fraud victims.

“Huwag po tayong maniniwala sa mga investment na ang promise of interest o return of interest ay sobrang laki dahil wala pong ganoon,'” the speaker said. Therefore, it is quite likely that you are a possible victim of an investment scam. Don’t believe in investments that guarantee extremely high returns on investment because they don’t exist. You are most likely a target of investment fraud,” Sabino added.

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