June 20, 2021

Laoag hosts the Marunggay Festival for the first time

Residents presented their distinctive and nutritious recipes with the vegetable as the primary component, giving Marunggay, a local name for Moringa Oleifera (malunggay), a well-known Ilokano garden tree, a boost.

One of the attractions of the inaugural Marunggay Festival on Saturday is a culinary competition amongst the several communities to promote marunggay as a “superfood” owing to its potential nutritional qualities.

Governor Matthew Joseph Manotoc said he hopes to see marunggay become a commercial crop rather than simply a garden plant of the Ilokanos, after the inauguration of the inaugural Marunggay Festival, which was inspired by her mother, now Senator Ma. Imelda Josefa “mee” Marcos.

Many people love marunggay intake because of its flexibility when cooked as a vegetable dish. It is said to be high in nutrients and minerals.

The winning dishes will be presented to visitors as extra “must try” Laog goods during the culinary competition, according to Laoag City Councilor Handy Lao, who supported the festival’s passage. Marunggay ice cream, miki, and polvoron are only a few of them.

“We are the first to hold this type of festival in the Philippines, and we hope that by doing so, we will be able to encourage more people to benefit from the advantages of this superfood,” he added.

According to research, marunggay is a “wonder plant” because it contains chemicals such simple sugar and rhamnose, glucosinolates, and isothiocyanates, which have hypotensive, anticancer, and antibacterial properties.

Lao’s proposed legislation was unanimously approved by his colleagues on May 5, establishing the Marunggay Festival an annual event on June 19th, which coincides with the city’s Charter Day celebration.

As part of the month-long celebration, officials from the municipal government, led by Mayor Michael M. Keon, organized a simultaneous marunggay planting exercise throughout Laoag’s 80 barangays. On the same day, a total of 4,150 marunggay seedlings were planted.

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