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Marcos to AFP: Remain dedicated to preserving peace

On Monday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. asked the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to uphold their commitment to upholding national security and peace.

“My marching orders have always been the same: we pledge allegiance to the cause of peace. In his remarks during the AFP’s 87th-anniversary celebration at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City, Marcos stated that maintaining the nation’s security and stability remained the top priority.

In order for our nation to achieve peace, security, and long-term economic success, he continued, “I call on you to continue carrying out your duties as you have for many, many years, and competently.”

Marcos reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to its modernization initiatives targeted at purchasing more equipment for external defense and their other requirements, giving the AFP and other uniformed troops the reassurance they needed.

He declared, “We will work together to realize your goal of a powerful, reputable, world-class armed force that is a source of national pride and a source of national security.

“I am not blind to the sacrifice of our troops and the risk they suffer in the line of duty, therefore aside from equipment, we will continue to assist their requirements,” he said.

He also expressed gratitude for the AFP’s “unwavering dedication and service” to the nation and its citizens.

The Commander-in-Chief highlighted how the AFP was instrumental in helping the government combat both terrorism and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We now witness a considerable drop in their numbers, thanks to your efforts, together with those of other law enforcement agencies and governmental entities, and that you have helped to prepare the path for growth to foster and for communities to live in peace,” he said.

Marcos acknowledged the contribution of the military forces to disaster relief and humanitarian operations by the prompt deployment of people and the mobilization of resources.

“Our current world has altered. In addition to natural calamities linked to climate change, we also face a new and complex security environment. It introduces new difficulties that call for adaptation,” he stated.

He also commended the AFP for maintaining its current military and security engagements while looking into new opportunities for collaboration with its international colleagues.

In order to solve our shared security issues, he continued, “new security problems do not recognize boundaries. We must continue to engage with our neighbors, our allies, partners, and friends.”

Marcos attended the ceremony and saw the static display, parade, and review of the AFP’s air and ground capabilities before recognizing military leaders and civilian staff for their outstanding service to the armed services.

This year’s anniversary celebration, which has the theme “AFP @87: Kaisa ng Buong Sambayanan Tungo sa Mapayapa, Matatag at Maunlad na Pilipinas,” aims to demonstrate and emphasize the AFP’s “transformation and growth as a military organization through the exhibition of assets.”

Numerous events will be held nationally to recognize the AFP’s long history of service to the nation, including free museum tours in military camps, tree-planting ceremonies, and bloodletting programs.

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