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SHDA announces new board officers, governors, and advisers for 2023

Manila, Philippines – The Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA) has announced its new board of officers, governors, and advisers for 2023. Arlene Keh has been elected as the Chairman of the Board, while Arch. Leonardo Dayao Jr. will serve as the National President.

“We begin 2023 with SHDA being well positioned for significant growth. We pledge to work harder in the year ahead and shall continue to explore uncharted waters and unveil a range of new programs and services. SHDA will continue to produce enduring solutions and partnerships in lighting the way for the future of the housing industry and in helping address the housing backlog of the nation,” Keh said.

Other elected members of the board include Atty. Joy Manaog as 1st Vice President, Engr. Francis Richmond Villegas as 2nd Vice President, Gena Valerie Chua as Corporate Secretary, Maya Jazmin Colayco as Assistant Corporate Secretary, Clarissa De Joya as Treasurer, Mariano Martinez Jr. as Auditor, and Steven Tambunting as Chief Marketing Officer.

In addition to the leadership are newly elected governors namely Rene Ledesma Jr., Atty. Marianne Reyna Lina-Cruz, Kerwin Padua, Renato Tan, Herbert Joseph Tan, and Atty. Mena Ojeda Jr. Meanwhile, regional chapter governors are Dennis Leveriza Jr. for South Luzon, John Paul Dy for Central Luzon, Anthony Noel for Central Visayas, and MGen. Rufo De Veyra for Eastern Visayas, Kenneth Tithdas for Negros, Felix Tiu for Panay, Kenneth Yap for Southern Mindanao, and Vivian Vestil for Northern Mindanao.

The organization’s new team of advisers include Armenia Ballesteros, Ricky Celis, Bansan Choa, Guillermo Choa, Raphael Felix, Jeffrey Ng, Rosie Tsai, as well as former SHDA Chairman George Siy and former National President May Rodriguez.

Serving on SHDA’s standing committee for 2023 will be Strategic, led by Atty. Joy Manaog and Engr. Francis Villegas; Marketing, led by Steven Tambunting and Maya Jazmin Colayco; and Administrative and Operational Support, led by Arch. Leonardo Dayao Jr.

The election of the officers and governors took place on December 7 and December 19, respectively.

SHDA has outlined several new thrusts for the year, including strengthening relationships with the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD), activating all SHDA committees to address the concerns and needs of members, a greater focus on regional chapters, and engaging with sponsors and partners. 

To better serve the housing industry, we will further strengthen our bonds with DHSUD, Pag-IBIG, and other key shelter agencies and other stakeholders to advance our continuing advocacies and objectives in 2023. We will also be activating our committees, regional chapters, and other partners to further expand our reach and enhance engagements,” Dayao said.

The association also plans to conduct research and studies, host study tours and observations, and host the SHDA Galing Awards to recognize outstanding developers in the industry.


About the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, Inc. (SHDA) 

The Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA) is the largest and leading industry association for housing and urban development in the Philippines. With 350 members nationwide and eight regional chapters, SHDA members include the country’s top real estate developers players and a dynamic national network of small and medium developers. SHDA member-developers produce over 80% of homes produced annually in the country, giving SHDA unparalleled reach amongst Philippine homebuyers.

Established in 1970, SHDA has over 50 years of continued close linkages with its members, government agencies, and allied professionals and is the leading voice in articulating the advocacy of the housing industry in the Philippines.

About Arlene Keh

About Arch. Leonardo Dayao Jr.

Leonardo B. Dayao Jr. is a registered architect who currently serves as the National President of the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association. He is also a Senior Vice President and General Manager at Pueblo De Oro Development Corp. Dayao holds a degree in Urban Planning from the University of the Philippines-Diliman and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Sto. Tomas. In addition to his professional roles, he is a founding member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce (JAYCEES) Alabang Chapter and a member of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Diliman Chapter. Dayao has previously served as Senior Vice President at the Jacinto Ng Property Group and has contributed to various publications such as MyHome, Bluprint, Manila Times, and Inquirer. He has also worked as an instructor at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – College of Architecture.

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