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A biochar production facility will open in Nueva Ecija soon.

The province of Nueva Ecija will soon host a production facility that transforms rice husk into a soil improver.

In order to create the plant using the grain drying facility in Palayan City, the provincial administration, headed by Governor Aurelio Umali, and the Singaporean renewable energy and carbon projects developer, Alcom Pte Ltd, headed by its founder and president Prateek Tiwari, have partnered.

On February 1st, a ceremony was conducted in Santa Rosa, a premier community in Nueva Ecija, to formally sign the joint venture agreement for the “Nueva Char, A Philippine Biochar Project.”

In a radio show on Friday, Umali stated that they believed the idea to turn rice husks into biochar was realistic since it might give farmers additional income through the sale of rice husks.

The governor added that farmers will gain from using biochar to improve soil quality, which will lead to higher yields.

In addition to this, he stated that the initiative will also address a number of issues, such as environmental protection, preservation, and caring for the environment.

Because we work together to maintain our environment as well, this is a crucial chapter in our province’s history, he said.

Alcom’s literature describes biochar as a high-carbon form of charcoal that is created by heating organic material at incredibly high temperatures without any oxygen. Pyrolysis is the name of the procedure.

According to Tiwari, organic matter typically consists of wood, manure, and agricultural leftovers such as palm shells, coco, rice husks/straw, bamboo, and rice husks.

Since these byproducts are the least useful in the neighborhood, he claimed, they focused on rice husks.

“I believe this is a highly effective technique for improving the soil quality for the farmers in Nueva Ecija. The results of our testing in sugar cane, calamansi, and onion fields are quite positive and encouraging, according to an Alcom representative.

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